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Episode 503 – “Jughead”
We start with Desmond running through some Tibetian marketplace desperately looking for someone. When he finds him they race back to the boat where Penny is giving birth. She has a baby boy, we are in the past. In 2007, Des is telling his son about a special island, called Great Britain and how its where his Daddy is from. Penny says it’s also the place his grandfather is and it’s very dangerous for them to be anywhere near him. Des promises Penny that all he has to do is go and find Daniel Faraday’s mother and warn her about Daniel and they’ll go far away from here.

Des goes to Oxford but there is no record of Faraday in their history. Des investigates and goes to the office where he first met Daniel. Everything is under quarantine and covered up, a janitor spots Des and tells him that of course people are trying to forget Daniel after what he did to the “poor girl”. Des goes to find out about the girl, her name is Teresa and she is in a comatose state, believing she is in a different time that what she really is. Des is told that Teresa wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Mr. Widmore who had paid for everything that is sustaining Teresa’s life.

Des then goes to see Charles Widmore, he demands to know where Daniels mother is and Charles gives him an address in Los Angeles. Charles tells Des that the business he is getting involved in has been going on for many, many years and it isn’t safe. He must protect Penny, to go back and hide where ever he’s been hiding and stay there. Back with Penny Des says Daniels mother is dead. Penny knows he’s lying and so Des says she is in LA. He says its over, he promised her one day and no more but Penny knows they can’t let it rest so they agree to all go to LA.

On the island Miles, Charlotte and Daniel arrive at the creek with some other survivors. Miles spots a trip wire but its too late, some others get blown up and a bunch of soldiers appear and take Miles, Charlotte and Daniel hostage. They transport them back to their camp where they are paraded in front of Richard Alpert. He thinks they are marines, Dan says they are scientists. Richard said they started the war, it was the US military who dropped the bomb on their island and when he asked them to leave and they refused, he had to kill them. Daniel says he is here to defuse the bomb they have, Richard wants to know how he can trust them. Dan confesses he loves Charlotte and says he would never do anything to hurt her. Richard asks Ellie to transport Dan to the bomb.

Meanwhile Locke, Sawyer and Juliet are discussing what to do with their captives. The hostages speak latin to each other and Juliet recognises what they say. She says she knows because they are Other’s and they all speak Latin. Juliet asks them to take them to Richard Alpert and when one of the soldiers says the camp is East, the other breaks his neck and runs off. Sawyer wants to know why Locke didn’t shoot him and he says its because he is one of Lockes people. They trail the soldier to the camp.

Sawyer wants to go rescue Daniel as they see him being carted off by Ellie but Locke wants answers from Richard. Locke walks off and screams for Alpert. He is held at gunpoint by the Others. Richard appears and Locke says he was sent by Jacob so Richard asks the others to lower their guns. One refuses so Alpert tells him forcefully to “lower your weapon, Widmore”. Locke instantly recognises him as Charles Widmore.

Locke tries to explain the situation to Alpert and asks how he gets off the island. Richard says only special people can do that and so Locke explains to him to go and find him as a child. Locke gives Alpert back the compass (remember episode 411 – “Cabin Fever”? Funny how Richard tested Locke with the compass thinking it meant something to him and Locke does the same all those years later with the roles reversed!) and then the light comes back and engulfs the island.

Before time skips Daniel inspects the bomb and sees it has a leak. He tells Ellie they need to bury it in concrete (the four toed statue?) and lead and it’ll be safe. She wants to know how he can be so sure, he says because in fifty years the island is still there. He says he recognises Ellie. After the flash they all regroup, the camp has gone. Charlotte and Daniel embrace but she falls to the floor, blood pouring from her nose.

Very confusing episode which only raises a lot of questions that are already flooding forums everywhere. Is Ellie Ms. Hawking? How did young Charles get on the island? Is Charlie Hume Charles Widmore? Where did the bomb go? Is it the four toed statue?

Y2Rating: 9/10

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