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Episode 504 – “The Little Prince”
We open on the Searcher when the Oceanic 6 first left the island. Kate goes to Jack and says that she wants to tell people Aaron is her baby. Jack agrees and asks if Kate is with him as they all have to lie. Kate says she’s always been with him. Three years later and Sun has told Kate to go and see the lawyers and get them to tell her who their client is. Kate leaves Aaron with Sun and leaves as a delivery man brings a packet to Sun. Inside is a file with photos of Ben Linus and Jack as well as a box of chocolates concealing a gun.

Kate sees the lawyer, Dan Norton and says she is willing to give blood samples provided they tell her who their client is. Dan refuses and says Kate better prepare herself to give the samples and lose custody of Aaron. Kate stalks the offices awaiting Dan to leave the building on a visit to his client. Meanwhile Jack tends to Sayid in hospital, he says he has been out for 42 hours. A nurse comes in and asks for a private word with Jack, she wants to know why he’s here, he has been suspended for stealing drugs. He explains he’s really sorry he had to look after his friend. Whilst he is distracted another nurse goes in to see Sayid. He attacks him but Sayid manages to fight back and tries to extract information from him. He says there is an address in his wallet, so Sayid shoots him with the tranquilizer darts. Sayid shows Jack the address, it is Kates.

Jack calls Kate and rushes to where she is staked out. The lawyer leaves so Jack gets in the car too. They follow Dan to an apartment where Dan meets with Claire’s mother! Jack says he will go and have a word with her but its clear that she isn’t the one seeking paternity rights, she is just collecting the settlement from Oceanic. Jack explains everything to Kate and they go to Pier 23 where Ben said to meet him. He gets a call from Hurley who says he’s safe and he’s in the state prison, he did just what Sayid told him to do.

On their way to the pier, Ben and Sayid make a stop where Ben meets with Dan Norton. He hands him a file and says that Hugo will be a free man in the morning. They then go to the pier and meet with Jack and Kate. Kate realises it was Ben who tipped off the lawyers and he confesses. Sun pulls up with Aaron and sees Ben, she takes out her gun.

On the island Daniel manages to revive Charlotte, she is in a bad way. Locke suggests they go to the Orchid station as that’s where this mess started, perhaps it is where it will end too. He tells Sawyer he needs the Oceanic 6 to come back and says to Sawyer “Don’t you want her to come back, James?” They decide to head to the beach and use the Zodiac to travel to the Orchid. When going through the jungle they see a beam of light going into the sky. Locke recognises it as the night Boone died and he was banging on the hatch. Sawyer sees something too, he watches as Kate helps Claire give birth to Aaron.

Miles now gets a nosebleed, he asks Dan about it and is told that its related to how much time you’ve spent on the island. Miles is confused, why aren’t the others getting this when they’ve been on longer than he has. Daniel asks Miles if he is sure he’s never been on the island before.

There is another flash before they get back to the beach. Now they look to be back in their own time but the beach camp has been ransacked. The Zodiac is gone but an outrigger has arrived alongside a bottle of water from Ajira Airways (a company used in a viral campaign for this season of Lost). They take the outrigger but as they are sailing they are shot at from another boat that’s chasing them. Juliet fires back and then another flash comes. Sawyer screams “thank you Lord” but when the flash goes they are now in the middle of a storm. Sawyer yells “I take that back”.

They manage to paddle to shore and come over some wreckage. Locke points out it is in French. Juliet gets a nosebleed. At the same time another life raft is being tossed about the ocean, there is a French team in it. They pull a man out of the ocean and wash up on shore. It’s Jin! A French girl introduces herself to him as Danielle Rousseau. She is heavily pregnant.

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