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Episode 505 – “This Place Is Death”
Just as I predicted, Sun gets out of her car and pulls her gun on Ben. She threatens to kill him but Ben tells her than Jin is alive and if she gives him thirty minutes he can prove it to her. She agrees and with Jack they head off. Sayid, Kate and Aaron decide they don’t want anything to do with going back to the island and they walk away. On route Jack apologises to Sun for not saving Jin, she asks why he is sticking up for Ben. Jack says that if Sun doesn’t kill him then after what Ben did to Kate, Jack will kill him himself. Ben screeches the van to a halt and yells at them both saying if they knew what he had done and what he was doing in order to help them, to help their friends they left behind, they wouldn’t stop thanking him.

On the island Jin is still with the French squad, they ask him about the radio tower and Jin says he needs to find his camp. Danielle convinces Jin to lead them to the radio tower then to his camp where he hopes to find a helicopter. He learns that it is 1988. On the way they hear the smoke monster, they ask Jin what it is and he tells them it’s a monster. One of the troop, Nadine, goes missing and when searching they encounter Smokey. Another one of them is grabbed by him and dragged through the jungle, the others grab him and try to pull him to safety but the monster has him and is dragging him down into a hole. There is a struggle but all the French crew can come away with is his arm.

Then he is heard in the hole saying he’s hurt and needs help so the others go into the hole to rescue him but Jin stops Danielle. There is a flash and when its over Jin is left with a decaying arm as he stands outside the temple. He walks back to the camp where he finds Danielle holding Robert (the father of her child) at gunpoint. She says he’s sick, that the monster changed him. He tells her its not a monster but just a security system for the temple. Danielle lowers her gun but Robert raises his and fires, it doesn’t go off. Danielle then shoots him.

There is another flash as Danielle chases Jin through the forest and after Jin meets up with Sawyer and the rest. They all start getting nosebleeds, Charlotte collapses. She starts talking a bit crazy, like she’s jumping through time in her head, much like Theresa, the girl Daniel left in England. Locke and Sawyer want to press on but Daniel refuses to leave Charlotte. Charlotte then starts screaming in Korean, she tells Jin not to bring her back here as this place is death. The others go on but Sawyer asks what is going to happen if they get there in another time when the Orchid doesn’t even exist? Charlotte pipes up with “look for the well” and they go.

When they get to the Orchid, Juliet is surprised they came in the same time when there is another flash and the Orchid vanishes. Locke spots the well and goes to climb down. Jin tells Locke not to bring Sun back, he says to tell her he is dead and gives Locke his wedding ring to prove it. Locke agrees and descends into the well. About halfway there is another flash and when its gone Sawyer is left holding a rope that goes into the ground. Locke finds himself falling and crashes in a cavern, snapping his leg. Christian appears to him and tells him he needs to push the wheel in the next room to leave the island. He tells him that he said Locke had to move the island, not Ben, but not to matter, he is here now. Locke pushes the wheel and vanishes in another flash.

Back in the jungle and Charlotte is dying, she tells Dan that she has been on the island before, that she grew up here as part of the Dharma Initiative but left with her mother when she was still young. She says when she grew up her mother told her she only imagined her experience on the island and so that’s why she became an anthropologist, to find her way back. She says when she was a child a scary looking man told her that if she ever came back to the island she would die. She says she thinks that man was Daniel. Charlotte then dies.

Back in LA and Ben pulls up to a church. He hands Sun Jin’s wedding ring and she now agrees to go speak to the woman with him. Desmond appears and asks if they’re here to see Faraday’s mother too. Ben looks surprised. They go in and Ms. Hawking is there, she says they needed all of them and Ben says this is all he could get at short notice. Hawking says it’ll have to do.

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