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Episode 506 – “316”
We open with Jack opening his eyes. He is lying on his back in the jungle. This looks awfully like the first episode. We then hear Hurley’s voice calling for help. Jack runs through the jungle towards the voice and finds Hurley in the water. He dives in and pulls him to safety when he spots Kate lying over some rocks. She is awake. She asks if they’re here and Jack nods.

Forty six hours earlier and we are back in LA with Ben, Sun, Jack and Desmond with Eloise Hawking. She takes them down some stairs and into a vault that is known as the “Lamp Post”, a Dharma station. She explains that Dharma spent a long time trying to find the island but they realised that they should stop looking where they thought it was and start looking for where it would be. The others look confused as Eloise says there is a small window that shuts in thirty-six hours in which they can use to get back to the island. She says they need to take Aijira Airways flight 316 to Guam and must recreate the events of flight 815 as best they can. That means as many as on the original flight as possible.

Ms. Hawking takes Jack aside as says he needs to give Locke something of his fathers as Locke will now be acting as a proxy. Jack struggles to believe any of this and Ms. Hawkings tells him it’s called a “leap of faith” and hands him John Lockes suicide letter. Ben asks what Eloise wanted and Jack tells him its not important. Ben tells Jack about Thomas The Apostle who had to touch Jesus’ wounds on the second coming to believe it truly was him. Ben says everyone is convinced sooner or later. Ben says he will meet Jack at the airport, now he has some loose ends to tie up with an old friend.

Jack gets a call, he goes to a retirement home and meets a man called Ray. Ray has been trying to escape and the wards say if he tries it again they’ll have to move him to a higher security area. Jack apologises and has a talk with Ray who turns out to be his grandfather. Jack unpacks the bag Ray has packed whilst Ray says one day he will get out and he will go somewhere they will never find him. Jack finds a pair of shoes in Rays bag, they were Christians. Jack takes them with him.

When Jack gets home he finds Kate lying on his bed. He asks what she’s doing here and where Aaron is. Kate says she’s going back to the island but to never mention or ask about Aaron again. Jack and Kate kiss and most probably do some more as the next morning Jack is making Kate some coffee and orange juice.

Jack gets another call, this time from a bloodied and bruised Ben who says he’s been sidetracked and Jack needs to get Locke’s body and take him to the airport. Jack goes to the butchers and puts his fathers shoes on Locke. He also puts the suicide note in Lockes pocket. At the airport Jack says that Locke is a friend of his and it was his wish to be buried in Guam. A stranger in the queue offers Jack his condolences for the loss of his friend as Jack sees Kate. Sun appears and says if there is any chance of Jin being alive, she has to go back to the island. (Seeming to forget about her daughter yet knowing how much trouble it was to leave the island in the first place!)

On the far side Sayid is being led, apparently handcuffed, through security and Hurley is in the airport lounge with a guitar case. They board the plane, they are the only ones in first class with the exception of the man who offered Jack his condolences and the Marshall who is escorting Sayid. Ben rushes onto the plane frantically, his arm in a sling. A stewardess hands Jack Locke’s suicide note saying they found it when performing security checks on his cargo. When the plane takes off we hear the pilot, it’s Frank Lapidus. Jack goes to speak to him and Frank spots the Oceanic 6, he says “we’re not going to Guam, are we?”

Jack speaks with Kate, he says it’s funny how they’re all back together again. Kate says they are on a plane, it doesn’t mean they’re together. Ben is reading, Jack asks him how he can and Ben says his mother taught him (when we all know Ben’s mother died after giving birth). Jack wants to know what’s going to happen to the rest of the passengers on the flight and Ben says “who cares”? Ben tells Jack to read the suicide note and gives him some time alone. Jack opens the note and it reads “I wished you had believed me”.

Turbulence hits and the passengers start to panic. They buckle up when there is a flash of white light and Jack wakes back up on the island. Jack, Kate and Hurley step out of the lake and hear some music playing. A Dharma van pulls up and out steps a man holding a gun, he points it at the three in the lake and it’s revealed to be Jin.

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