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Episode 508 – “LaFleur”
After a pretty lengthy recap we rejoin the group on the island just after Locke has vanished into the well. They wonder when they are and Miles points to a giant statue and imagines they are a long time ago. There is another flash, this much more terrible than any before, when its over they decide to make their way back to the beach. Sawyer thanks Juliet for having his back and they meet Daniel. He says Charlotte died then was taken away in the last flash. She moved on whilst the rest of them stayed. He says he isn’t going to do it, he isn’t going to tell her, the others can’t make sense of him so pick him up and start the journey back to the beach. They summarise that their headaches have gone and nosebleeds stopped so the last flash must have been the last flash.

The episode jumps from three years ago and three years later, I’ll explain what happens in chronological order…

On route they see a girl being harassed by two scruffy looking guys, there is another man in a Dharma suit dead on the floor. She has a bag put over her head and the scruffy guys look like they’re going to shoot her. Sawyer asks if Juliet still has his back as he steps out and shouts at them. One turns to shoot Sawyer but Juliet fires at him first, Sawyer then takes down the second. They help the girl, Amy, who tells them they need to bury the bodies and take her husband back to her camp. They agree to help her and follow her to her camp, telling her that their ship out of Fiji crashed on the island.

When they reach the sonic fence, Daniel is about to wander aimlessly into it when Juliet screams for him to stop. Juliet says it looks like some sort of sonic fence and forces Amy to switch it off. It looks like she does but when the group walk through they fall to the ground with the buzzing in their head. Amy takes out some ear plugs that allowed her to walk through unaffected.

When he awakens, Sawyer is in the recreation room of the Barracks and is being questioned by Horace Goodspeed. He tells him his name is Jim LaFleur and he was on a salvage ship looking for the Black Rock. Horace tells him that this compound is only for members of the Dharma Initiative and there is a submarine leaving tomorrow morning, he wants LaFleur and his people on it. Sawyer asks for more time to look for the rest of his crew but Horace denies him saying he just isn’t Dharma material.

Later Horace brings Sawyer back to his friends who are quizzing Juliet after she tells them she used to live in one of the houses for three years. She mentions the purge and that it was all before her time. Daniel sees a young girl with red hair skip across the path, he identifies her as Charlotte.

Sawyer tells them the story he told Horace when the alarm sounds and people start taking cover in their houses. The group is put into one house and they watch out the window as Richard Alpert arrives. Horace and Richard talk, Richard says there was a truce and Horace’s people have broken it. Sawyer convinces Horace to let him speak to Richard and he does.

Sawyer tells Richard he killed his people, that they were going to kill him. He mentions the Jughead, John Locke and that he isn’t part of the Dharma Initiative so their truce hasn’t been broken. Richard tells Sawyer they still need justice and they require Paul’s body. Amy agrees to let the Others have her husbands body to protect Dharma but she takes the necklace from around his neck. Horace thanks Sawyer and agrees to let his people stay for another two weeks until the next sub arrives.

Juliet is at the docks, she tells Sawyer she has been on this island for too long and now has a chance to go home. She is going. Sawyer explains that they’re in 1974, if she leaves the island she’ll have nothing to go back to. He asks her to stay, because if she leaves, he’ll have no one to have his back. She agrees.

Three years later and at a monitoring station a girl, Rosie, appears and dances with one of the staff in there when Phil bursts in angrily, worried about what LaFleur will say should he find out. They then see images of Horace out by the sonic fence, drunk. They wake up LaFleur who goes and gets Horace, placing him in his home on the sofa. There Horace’s wife Amy begins to explain what happened when she goes into labour. Sawyer rushes her to the medical station but the doctor doesn’t know how to deliver the baby when it’s breeching. He says Amy was supposed to be on the sub two weeks ago, all the women give birth on the mainland. Sawyer rushes and gets Juliet, a mechanic now, he asks her to help. She is reluctant after never successfully delivering a baby on the island but Sawyer says perhaps whatever it was that meant people couldn’t have babies, hasn’t happened yet. Juliet agrees.

Outside Jin comes to speak to Sawyer who is now speaking much more fluently. He says they still haven’t had any luck finding their people and have completed grid 134. Sawyer says to move on to grid 135 then. Juliet comes out of the medical station and says Amy gave birth to a baby boy.

Later Sawyer picks a flower and walks into his home where Juliet is cooking him dinner. He gives her the flower and they declare their love for each other and kiss. Later still and Horace wakes up to find Sawyer looking over him. He asks how his head is and tells him he has both good and bad news. The good news is he’s a father, the bad news is he missed it. Sawyer enquires about the fight and Horace says he ran out of socks so went to borrow a pair of Amy’s when he found Paul’s necklace in the back of her drawer. Sawyer laughs that all this was over a necklace but Horace asks if three years is really long enough to get over someone.

Sawyer tells Horace that once he loved someone, but now he can’t even remember what she looks like. Is three years long enough to get over someone? Sure it is. The next morning Sawyer gets a phone call, he answers it and jumps out of bed. Juliet asks what’s going on and Sawyer doesn’t tell her. He drives out in a Dharma jeep to meet Jin who has found their people. Firstly out steps Hurley, followed by Jack and then Kate is revealed. Sawyer is shocked.

There is no Lost next week! (So I’m led to believe). Typical. We’re left on a cliff-hanger like that! I was asked how Kate would feel knowing Sawyer was now with Juliet and I thought, who cares! I hate Kate! Plus she’s been sleeping about with Jack on and off for three years so she can’t judge him. What happens next though? They’re stuck in 1974, Daniel has said the record has stopped skipping but they’re on the wrong song, how are they going to get out of this!

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