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Episode 512 – “Dead is Dead”

We see a furious Charles Widmore ride into camp on a horse, he berates Richard who tells Charles that the island wants what it wants. Charles introduces himself to a young Ben who says he doesn’t want to go back to his Dad’s. Charles says just because he lives with them, doesn’t mean he’s one of them.

Later an older Ben and a young Ethan are at a beach camp. Ben sneaks in but awakens the occupant, it’s Danielle. He holds her at gunpoint and takes her baby. He tells her to never look for them and if she hears whispers, she should run. Back at the camp Charles tells Ben he was meant to kill them, Ben offers baby Alex to Charles and asks him to kill her, he can’t.

At the barracks, after the Purge, Ben is pushing a now young Alex on a swing. Richard appears and says the sub is about to leave, Ben says he has to be there so goes to the dock where Charles Widmore is being led away, his hands tied. Charles thinks Ben is there to gloat over his victory but Ben says that Charles broke the rules by repeatedly leaving the island and having a daughter with an “outsider”. Widmore says that one day Ben will have to choose between the island and Alex as he is put on the sub and exiled.

Off the island in LA Ben calls Charles Widmore who wants to know how he got this number. Ben says it’s not important as he’s looking at the boat Penny is on and he’s going to kill her. As Ben approaches Penny Desmond pipes up and Ben shoots him, but it looks as though Des has dodged the bullet. Ben introduces himself to Penny at gunpoint and she says she has no relationship with her father. Ben apologises when little Charlie appears, Penny tells him to go below, Ben looks shocked and in the stalling Des beats the hell out of Ben and throws him into the ocean.

On the island Ben tells Locke that he knew he’d be brought back to life and now Ben must face the consequences of leaving the island, he is here to be judged. Locke asks by whom, Ben says he doesn’t have a name for it but Locke calls it, the monster.

On the beach some Ajiria survivors are fiddling with a large crate. Ben speaks to Caesar about Locke saying he is crazy and doesn’t recognise him from the plane, he could be dangerous. Caesar shows Ben the shotgun he found and says he has Ben’s back. Later Ben is in the Hydra and finds a picture of him and Alex. Locke appears and wants to talk about the “elephant in the room”. Ben explains that it was the only way to get everyone back to the island but he couldn’t let Locke kill himself as he held vital information. Ben says he killed Locke because it was quicker than trying to talk him into it. Locke says all he wanted was an apology but offers to help Ben face the monster.

As Ben and Locke get ready to sail to the main island, Caesar and friends arrive and try to protect Ben. Caesar refuses to let Locke leave and goes to get his gun but it’s missing, Ben has it and he shoots Caesar in the chest. He throws the gun to Locke and says to consider that his apology and the pair sail off to the main island. When they get to the dock Locke says he knows Ben is going to be judged not for leaving the island, but for letting his daughter die. At the barracks a light goes on in Bens old home, in Alex’s room no less. Ben goes to investigate, but its Sun and Frank.

They each explain what they know and Ben is shown the Dharma photo from 1977 and looks surprised. Sun says that a man named Christian told them to wait here for John Locke so Ben shows them him. Ben goes to summon the monster and in the tunnel behind his bookcase he turns a knob under a puddle which then vanishes down a hole. Ben says he’ll be outside and leaves.

The monster doesn’t arrive so Locke says they’ll go to it, knowing where it is. Frank has left back for the second island but Sun wants to go with them. Ben and Sun follow Locke to the temple and Locke tells Ben they’re going under it. Ben asks Sun before they descend that if she ever gets off the island to tell Desmond Hume that he’s sorry.

When they’re underground Ben admits that Locke was right about the reasons for being judged. The ground gives way and Ben falls into a chamber full of more hieroglyphs and Egyptian drawings. Then there is the noise of the monster and it seeps out of a gate under the images. The black smoke surrounds Ben and flashes images of his past, of Widmore and Alex, including her death at the hand of Keamy. The smoke dissipates and then Alex appears behind him, Ben apologies to her, saying it was all his fault. Alex agrees and then pins him up against a column and tells him that he will follow John Locke and not kill him again. If he doesn’t listen and follow Locke she will “destroy” him.

Locke comes back with a vine to help Ben up and he says the island has let him live. Back on the Hydra island Frank is back but learns that Ilana and some others have guns and are taking over. Frank goes to investigate and Ilana asks him “what lies in the shadow of the statue?” Frank can’t answer so she knocks him up and tells her lackey to tie Frank up, they’re taking him with them.

AMAZING. I just can’t get enough of Ben and I could sit under his learning tree for however long it takes. Is he really going to change? If he doesn’t follow Locke he’ll be destroyed, can he change? I don’t know. All I know is I want more, more, MORE!

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