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Episode 513 – “Some Like It Hoth”
In flashbacks we see a woman, Lara, looking around an apartment. Her young son interrupts and the landlord is put off by having a kid around. Lara gives her son a quarter for the vending machine but he hears voices coming from one of the other apartments. Inside is a dead body, the young child screams. The landlord and Lara rush in and ask a young Miles what is going on. Miles says he can hear the dead man call for Kimberley. The landlord says that was his ex wife who died over a year ago.

Years later an older Miles goes to visit his mother, she is bedridden, looking like she is about to die. Miles apologises for not coming sooner and he demands to know about his father. Lara says he wanted nothing to do with Miles and is now dead. Miles asks where the body is and Lara tells him somewhere he’ll never be able to find.

Miles visits a man whose son recently died, the man wants to know if his son knew he loved him. When Miles finds out the son is cremated he doubles his price, the man accepts. Miles takes his hands and then tells him that his son knew. Afterwards Miles is approached by Naomi Dorrit who says her employer wants to meet him.

Naomi takes Miles to a dead body and asks him to perform. Miles says the dead man was taking some papers to Widmore, they contained photos of graves and a purchase order for an old plane. Naomi says where they’re going they need Miles’ skills to track the person they’re looking for. Miles refuses but then changes his mind when Naomi offers him $1.6 million.

Not long after Miles is abducted and dragged into a van where a man named Bram talks to him. He tells Miles not to go to the island and asks him “what lies in the shadow of the statue?” which Miles cannot answer. Bram offers Miles information about his father but Miles doesn’t care, he only cares about money and wants $3.2 million not to go to the island. Bram says money won’t fill the hole in his heart and they throw him out of the van. Bram says Miles is playing for the wrong team, so Miles asks what team Bram is on and he says “the one that’s going to win.”

Miles returns to the man whose son was cremated, he gives him his money back and confesses he never spoke to his son. Miles says if he wanted to know if his son knew he loved him, he should have asked before he died.

On the island Sawyer tells Miles to accidentally lose the surveillance tape from today, before Miles can Horace walks in and when Miles tells him Sawyer is unavailable, Horace brings Miles into the circle of trust. He needs Miles to deliver a package to Radzinsky and then bring something from Radzinsky back to Horace. Miles agrees and is given a dead body by Radzinsky. When he questions what happens he isn’t given any answers so goes to get them himself by talking to the dead.

Back at the barracks and Miles now has to take the body to the Orchid but Hurley needs to go there too and forces himself along. On the way Hurley finds the dead body and wants to know what’s going on. Miles says the man is Alverez and he was working when he felt a pain in his mouth, a filling flew out of place and right into his brain. Hurley wants to know how Miles knows this and figures he can talk to dead people. Hurley says Miles’ secret is safe with him as so can he!

Kate returns to the hospital but so does Roger and he finds Ben is missing. Juliet says she was only gone for a moment when he vanished. Kate goes to Roger who is drinking on the swings, she says she knows Ben will be OK and this makes Roger suspicious. Later he finds Jack doing his rounds and questions him about Kate. Jack says he trusts Kate and Roger is just drunk and thinking crazy thoughts.

At the Orchid Dr. Pierre Chang isn’t happy that Miles has brought Hurley with him and threatens Hurley with polar bear cleaning duty on the Hydra island if he says anything. After unloading the body Dr. Chang wants to be taken to Radzinsky and Miles agrees. Whilst he goes to get his things Hurley says Dr. Chang is a jerk and Miles reveals that Dr. Chang is Miles’ father. On the way to Radzinsky Hurley drops hints about the paternal relationship between the two.

Chang stops the van and opens a secret jungle wall to reveal the place where they are building the Swan station. Hurley witnesses them branding the “serial number” onto the side of the hatch door. 4 8 15 16 23 42. As they leave Miles and Hurley get into an argument about Miles’ father and in a fit of rage Miles takes the notebook Hurley has been writing in and reads it. It’s Star Wars. Hurley says in 1977 Star Wars just came out, he’s writing The Empire Strikes Back to help George Lucas. Hurley tells Miles about his Dad issues but Miles says he doesn’t have any because his father left him when he was three months old.

Phil visits LaFleur, he has a video that shows Ben being taken to the Others. LaFleur invites him inside where he knocks him out and asks Juliet to get some rope.

Later, back at the barracks, Miles watches through the window as Pierre Chang reads to a baby Miles. He gets a phone call and has to leave, spotting older Miles outside he asks him to help him greet some scientists from the dock. Miles agrees and when they get to the dock they help unload the new arrivals. Miles helps one scientist who turns out to be Daniel Farraday. Miles says hello and Daniel says “long time no see”, implying this Daniel knows fully of Miles.

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