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Sadly I didn’t get a great chance to watch as many episodes of Lost as I’d wanted to whilst away but I did see some which is better than nothing, right? I’m not going to go into great detail on the episodes but will give a brief description of what happened.

Episode 205 – “…And Found”
Sun has lost her wedding ring and is really upset only to find it when she and Kate dig up the bottle with the messages in it from the raft. In flashbacks we look at how Sun was set up with a hotel owner (who’ll have a bigger role later) and Jin was employed by that same man. Jin walks from the job when the manager sees him letting in a pauper to the hotel and he is reprimanded and belittled.

The tail section survivors prepare to walk to the other survivors camp but Michael runs off in search of Walt. Jin and Mr. Eko go looking for him and encounter the Others who walk by them, in rags, as they hide in a bush. They find Micahel and he agrees to go with his friends.

Episode 206 – “Abandoned”
Sayid builds Shannon a shelter and after they spend some time together in it Sayid goes to fetch her some water. With him away Shannon is visited by a vision of Walt and she goes off in search of him. Sayid follows not believing her until deep in the jungle it starts raining and they hear whispers and Walt appears.

In flashbacks we see a bit more of Shannons past and how it was her Dad that died when Jack decided to save Sarah from episode 201‘s flashback. With her Dad dead Shannon has no money and her step-mum couldn’t care less. Boone helps but when his mum gives him a job he can’t refuse he wrecks all Shannons plans.

The tail section survivors continue their trek to the beach, Sawyer collapses and they have to build a stretcher to carry him. As they lift him up a cliff face Cindy goes missing, captured by the Others. Then they hear whipsers and from the jungle a person appears. Shooting first, thinking later, Ana Lucia shoots and Shannon is shot dead.

Episode 207 – “The Other 48 Days”
We see what happened to the tail section surivivors for the 48 days that they’ve been on the island. We learn the Others came and took a lot of them on the first night and then came back and took some more. Mr. Eko killed some with his bare hands and went on a 40 day vow of silence. There was a great deal of suspicion over one of them not being on the plane and Ana Lucia mistakenly thinks it’s Ethan when really it was Goodwin. Ana Lucia kills him in a struggle on a hilltop.

Episode 208 – “Collision”
Sayid, grief stricken, goes to attack Ana Lucia but is tackled by Mr. Eko. Ana takes Sayid’s gun and holds him at gun point. She ties him up and thinks about her next move. Mr. Eko picks up Sawyer and walks him back to the camp, bumping into Jack and Kate who rush to Sawyers aid. Ana Lucia loses the faith of her group who all head to the beach leaving her with Sayid.

In flashbacks we see Ana Lucia was a cop but she was shot and had to take time off. Back on the beat she goes over the top on a domestic disturbance call and had to be dragged back in. When the man who shot her confesses Ana refuses to identify him meaning he walks free. At a bar later she shoots him several times.

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