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Episode 310 – “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”
In flashbacks Hurley has bought Mr. Clucks Chicken Shack, but on the grand re-opening day, when Tricia Tanaka and her cameraman are inside filming some footage it is hit by a meteor…or an asteroid. When Hurley returns home his mother has a surprise for him, his father has returned after seventeen years. Hurley is suspicious, thinking he’s only here for the money. Hurley tells him its cursed so his Dad takes him to a psychic but Hurley suspects she has been put up by his father. So Hurley leaves for Australia.

On the island Sawyer and Kate arrive back at the camp and Hurley finds a van. He is determined to get it started again and enlists Jin, whose English is getting much better, to fix it with him. Sawyer arrives to have a pop at Hurley for taking his stuff but soon changes his tone when he learns the van is carrying beer. They fail to get it started, so Hurley goes and gets Charlie.

He asks that Jin and Sawyer push the car over a hill and Hurley will jump start it with Charlie riding shotgun. As they speed down the hill towards rocks Hurley prays and steps on the clutch and the van starts.

Kate goes off into the jungle in search of Danielle, Locke and Sayid catch up with her. When they find Danielle, Kate asks her for help because when she was with the others, she was helped by a girl, a girl Kate is sure is Danielle’s daughter.

Episode 311 – “Enter 77”
In flashbacks Sayid, now working as a chef under an alias, is scouted by a fellow Iraqi and invited to his restaurant for a possible job. When he arrives Sayid is grabbed and the man’s wife identifies him as the one who tortured him. Sayid professes his innocence but he only gets beaten more. One day the woman comes in alone, tells a story about how she felt she could never leave her house again until she saw some kids bullying a cat. She demands the respect from Sayid to acknowledge what he did. He does and she says she is going to tell her husband they have the wrong man and he’ll be let go.

On the island Sayid, Locke, Kate and Danielle find another station, the flame. Inside is Mikhail. Sayid approaches cautiously but gets shot, Mikhail patches him up and tells him a story that he is the last remaining member of the Dharma Initiative and how he was left in the station away from the hostiles. He talks of a purge between the DI and the hostiles. Sayid tells Kate he knows that Mikhail is lying and they get in a fight. They then search the station for others and find Miss. Klugh

John is too busy playing a computer chess game that Mikhail says he will never win that he doesn’t see Mikhail free himself from his bonds so Locke gets taken captive. Outside Mikhail offers a trade, John for Miss. Klugh but she starts speaking Russian and in the end Mikhail shoots her. There is a scuffle and once again Sayid takes Mikhail prisoner. They raid the station for supplies and John plays the game. When he wins he is asked by Marvin Candle a series of questions, one is “if the station has been compromised by the hostiles, enter 77.” Locke does and shortly after the whole place explodes with the C4 that has been planted about the basement. They all survive. Sayid has a map that will lead them to the barracks where he believes Jack will be held.

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