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Episode 318 – “D.O.C”
In flashbacks we see Sun and Jin just after they have got married, Sun is visited by a woman who knows Jin’s past, that he is the son of a fisherman and a prostitute. She blackmails Sun into paying her $100,000 (don’t know why this isn’t the Korean currency) otherwise she will tell the world and bring shame to an otherwise great family name. Sun pays the woman who turns out to be Jin’s mother.

On the island Sun learns that Juliette was the islands fertility doctor and that things happen to pregnant women on the island. She questions her about it and learn they die. Juliette says she’ll help Sun determine the date of conception which will say whether or not Sun got pregnant on or off the island. Sun knows that the baby can’t be Jins as he is firing blanks so it must be Jae Lees. Juliette tells her on this island the male sperm count is five times the usual, good odds. It turns out the baby is Jin’s but this means that if history is anything to go by Sun is going to die in two months. But she’s happy that it’s Jin’s.

Elsewhere Desmond, Hurley, Jin and Charlie try to help the girl who parachuted onto the island, but they don’t know what to do. Then Mikhail turns up, he promises he’ll fix her but they must let him go. They agree and he does help her. He says her wound will heal in a day, Charlie says that’s impossible, her lung was punctured and Mikhail agrees, maybe a day and a half. He leaves but Jin realises he’s stolen the satellite phone so chases after him to get it back. The woman speaks some Portuguese and Mikhail translates it as “thank you for helping me” when really she said “I am not alone.”

Episode 319 – “The Brig”
Locke makes his way back to the camp and bumps into Sawyer. He tells him that he has infiltrated the Other’s camp and has kidnapped Ben and hidden him. John wants Sawyer to kill him. Locke tells Sawyer he’s read his file, knows he has killed before and wants him to do it again. They wander through the jungle towards the Black Rock where Locke has kept Ben.

In flashbacks we see what Locke has been doing whilst with the Others for the past three days. Ben keeps telling Locke that it was Locke who brought his father to the island. He doesn’t believe it and when Ben asks Locke to kill his father in front of the Others Locke just can’t do it. Upset by this Richard Alpert comes to visit Locke and tells him if he can’t kill his father, maybe someone else can and he hands him Sawyers file. The next morning and the Others are leaving, without Locke. Ben tells him they’ll leave a trail that he can track but not to bother unless he’s carrying his fathers body over his shoulder.

When Locke and Sawyer arrive at the Black Rock, Locke traps Sawyer in the room with a man with a bag on his head. Sawyer removes the bag to reveal Anthony Cooper. He tells Sawyer that he’s Lockes Dad and that he thinks they’re in Hell. He says he was in a car accident, he remembers the ambulance crew fit him for an IV then nothing. He then reveals he was a con-man and Sawyer cottons on. Eventually Anthony admits to conning Sawyers mother so Sawyer kills him.

At the camp Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley bring the parachutist back and look after her, they ask Sayid for help and when he questions her she tells him her boat is about eighty miles off the coast, that Penelope Widmore had paid for them to search for Desmond and they’d been looking around coordinates in the middle of the ocean for weeks until one day the clouds parted and they saw the island. She is called Naomi Dorritt. She says in the real world the wreckage of Flight 815 was found and all the passengers on it were dead. Sayid tells Kate about Naomi who in turn goes to Jack. She tells him no one trusts him anymore, not now he’s with Juliette.

Episode 320 – The Man Behind The Curtain
Locke arrives at the Others camp carrying his dead father over his shoulder. They are shocked. Ben tells Locke that he isn’t in control, the island is run by a man named Jacob, a brilliant man. Locke questions the validity of all of this because no one but Ben has ever seen Jacob. When Mikhail arrives and tells Ben about Naomi Ben has to postpone all plans with John who then beats up Mikhail. Locke says they’re going to see Jacob.

In flashbacks see Ben being born, when he is his mother dies. The man who helps his father, Horace Goodspeed, invites Roger Linus to join him at the Dharma Initiative and he accepts. When they arrive Ben meets a young girl called Annie, they become great friends. As the years go by Roger becomes a drunk, disillusioned with life on the island. He blames Ben for the death of his wife which upsets Ben and he goes running into the jungle. When he reaches the sonic fence he sees his mother who tells him it’s not time yet. Later Ben goes back to the fence, turns it off and runs deeper into the wilderness where he meets Richard Alpert. Ben says he wants to come with them and Richard says that could happen, but it’ll take a great deal of patience.

Years later and on Ben’s birthday he and his father go for a drive. Ben asks if Roger really blames him for the death of his mother and Roger says it doesn’t matter. Ben then puts on a gas mask and pulls the pin on a gas canister which causes Roger to die. Back at the camp and all the members of Dharma are dead, Richard Alpert and the “hostiles” appear and they start the clean up.

On the island and Locke and Ben arrive at Jacobs cabin, it is surrounded by a powder. Ben says Locke will have to turn off his torch as Jacob feels the same way about technology as Locke does. Inside Ben talks to an empty chair. Locke thinks its all a game and Ben is delusional, Ben can’t believe John can’t see Jacob. When Locke raises his torch the room shakes, things go flying and windows smash. For a split second we see a man in the chair. John hears the words “help me”.

On the way back Ben takes Locke to a pit full of dead bodies. He tells him about Dharma and the purge. He says he did what he had to do to survive which makes him smarter than Locke who turns around and is shot. On the other side of the island Sayid explains about Naomi to the rest of the camp and they question if they should trust Jack, playing Juliette’s tape. Jack and Juliette arrive and Juliette asks that they turn the tape over to hear that Ben is coming to take the pregnant women from their camp. When asked why Jack hasn’t done anything he says he didn’t have a plan…until now.

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