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Episode 401 – “The Beginning of the End”
When Desmond returns to the beach he starts to explain what happened down in the Looking Glass, but there is just one question on Hurley’s mind – where’s Charlie? Des warns the beach folk that Jack can’t radio for help, the people coming are not who they say they are. Jack gets a call from Minkowski on the freighter who wants to speak to Naomi, Jack turns to look at her dead body, but she’s gone! Danielle finds a trail of blood but so does Kate who wants to follow it. Jack says Naomi isn’t concerned in making a fake trail so Kate should just go to the beach.

Following the trail Jack, Danielle and Ben reach a dead end, Ben admits he saw Kate lift the satellite phone from Jack and says she found the right trail, he should have listened to her. Kate follows the blood until she is attacked by Naomi. She calls her boat and says she had an accident when she landed, she asks them to tell her sister she loves them and dies.

The beach folk head into the jungle to warn Jack’s team about what Charlie heard, on the way Hurley falls behind and spots a cabin in the middle of the jungle. Looking through the window he sees someone in a rocking chair then another person appears at the window. Freaked out he runs only to bump into Locke. The two groups meet up and Jack holds a gun to Locke’s head, he pulls the trigger but the gun isn’t loaded. Locke says he is going to the barracks, it’s the only place with some sort of security for now, the group splits in two and go their separate ways.

In flash-forwards we see Hurley speeding down the freeway in his camero. When he is captured he says he’s part of the Oceanic Six. At the police station he is questioned by Ana Lucia’s former partner and when he asks if Hurley knows her he says no. At the two-way mirror Hurley sees Charlie smash it open and water flood in. The police man offers to put Hurley in a mental institution which he gladly accepts.

Whilst there Hurley is visited by Matthew Abaddon who wants to upgrade his facility. Hurley suspects something and calls for help. Later another patient points out someone is watching Hurley, it’s Charlie. He says he is dead, but he’s also here. Hurley closes his eyes and counts to five, Charlie shouts that they need him but has vanished once five is reached. Jack turns up to see if Hurley is OK, Hurley says he’s not going to say anything.

On the island Jack and Kate hear a helicopter and someone jumps out, they rush to find a man standing there. Rescue.

Episode 402 – “Confirmed Dead”
In flash-backs we see who the “rescue” crew people are. There is Daniel Faraday who when he saw the footage of the crash on the news started crying for no reason. Miles Straume who is an exorcist of sorts. On a visit he goes into a room and speaks with someone, saying he’s causing his grandmother a lot of grief. He asks where it is and is drawn to an air vent behind a bookcase. There he finds some yellow powder and a wad of money. He takes the cash and goes downstairs. There are some pictures on the wall, both they and their frames have changed since he went upstairs. There is also Frank Lapidus who is a pilot. Watching the news he calls the Oceanic hotline and says that the images they’re showing are not of Flight 815 as that isn’t the pilot. He says he was supposed to be the pilot that day. There is also Charlotte, an archaeologist. She is in Tunisa at an excavation site. She pays the man money to get in and sees the remains of a polar bear, she digs a little deeper and finds a collar with a Dharma logo on it.

On the island Jack, Danielle and Kate find Miles, he holds Jack at gunpoint because Naomi used the code for “there is a gun to my head”. Sayid and Juliette are hiding in the jungle and they force Miles and Daniel to give up their weapons. They go in search of Charlotte but she has already been caught by Locke’s team. They tell her they don’t want to be rescued and take her with them. Ben takes a gun and shoots Charlotte twice, but they hit her vest and she survives. Locke goes to kill Ben but he dishes the dirt on Charlotte, listing all the facts about her. He says they’re here for him, he knows because, he has a man on their boat.

Jack, Miles, Daniel and Kate find Frank who takes them to the helicopter, they’re going to get off this island.

Episode 403 – “The Economist”
Whilst covering Naomi’s body Sayid spots a bracelet on her arm, there is an inscription that says “N I’ll always be with you RG”. Sayid says he’ll go get Charlotte from Locke, he goes with Miles and Kate. Frank says if Sayid brings back Charlotte, he’ll take him to his boat. They reach the barracks where Locke has set a trap, they imprison them but Sayid convinces Locke to give him Charlotte and in return he can have Miles. Kate and Sawyer catch up, she asks why he went with Locke and he says because he’s nothing to go back for, nor has Kate. She asks how long he thinks they can play house, he says they should find out.

Juliette goes to the beach and brings Desmond back to the helicopter, he wants answers about why Naomi had a picture of him and Penny. Meanwhile Daniel has set up an experiment. The freighter fires a rocket and informs Daniel when they believe it has reached his destination but it doesn’t actually turn up until thirty one minutes later.

In flash forwards we see Sayid on a golf course, he is met by a man who tells him how to play. They have a bet but when he leans Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six he backs away, but Sayid knows his name and shoots him. Later Sayid meets a girl in Berlin, she says her boss is an economist and only ever in Berlin one week a year, but when he is, she must be ready for him. Sayid doesn’t tell her anything but stays with her for months until her boss finally calls. Turns out they were both double bluffing each other to get information about their employers. The girl shoots Sayid in the shoulder and he fires two bullets into her chest.

Sayid goes to get patched up, his doctor is Ben! Ben says he has another name he wants Sayid to take care of, but Sayid says they’ll know he’s coming now to which Ben says, good.

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