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Episode 404 – “Eggtown”
Kate wants to know about what people think about her off the island so she tries to get information out of Miles, but Locke has kept him somewhere secret. Kate gets the information from Hurley and goes to see him. She asks Miles if he knows who she is but he says he’ll only give her the information she needs if she gets him a consultation with Ben. She agrees and tries to get Sawyer’s help.

With Locke distracted Kate frees Miles from the boathouse and takes him to Ben where Miles says he can tell his boss that Ben was already dead, but it’ll cost him 3.2 million dollars. Ben asks why not 3.3 or 3.4 and Miles gives him two days to get it. Ben says that he’s currently a prisoner and might find it hard so Miles gives him a week. When Locke finds Kate he tells her she isn’t welcome here anymore.

At the beach Jack is concerned they’ve not heard from Sayid yet, it’s been a whole day. Daniel reveals that their perception of how long they’ve been gone isn’t necessarily how long they’ve actually been gone.

In a flash forward we see Kate on trial after she returned home. Her lawyer wants to turn the case into a character study but Kate refuses to let him bring “him” into it. Jack becomes a character witness and he says when they crashed it was Kate who was administering first aid, who saved eight people. She asks him to stop and in cross examination Jack is asked if he loves Kate, he says not anymore.

Kate’s mother comes to visit her, she is willing to drop the charges if she can see her grandson. Kate refuses but her mother still refuses to testify anymore so they come to a settlement. Kate must remain grounded under probation for ten years. She says she has a child, she’s not going anywhere. When she arrives home she goes upstairs to see a young boy sleeping in a bed, he wakes up and says “hi mummy”, Kate says hello back and calls him Aaron.

Episode 405 – “The Constant”
As Desmond, Frank and Sayid are flying to the freighter, following Daniels bearing of 305 Des suddenly appears in 1996 in the Royal Scots. He puts the helicopter down to a dream but in another flash he’s back on board, with no memory of what’s going on. As they reach the freighter Des is taken to the medical bay and Sayid calls the beach. Daniel says Des is suffering from side effects, it can happen if he was exposed to electro magetivity. He tries to talk Desmond through it by asking him to find him in 1996 at Oxford University. Des does the next time he goes back and learns Daniel is conducting time travel experiments.

Des is told that he needs to find a constant, something in both timelines that won’t change, he chooses his love for Penelope and in 1996 goes to see her but she’s moved. He goes to see her father who is at an auction buying a diary of the sailors aboard the Black Rock which set sail in 1886. Des then goes to Penny and begs her to give him her phone number and says he’ll call her in eight years time. In 2004, Des calls Penny and she says she is coming for him.

On the beach and Daniel searches for his journal, in it there is a note, if anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant.

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