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(Just a note, I decided to watch four episodes in a row instead of one at a time so these aren’t as detailed as they could be but it sure helped me get through these episodes, not long left now!)

Episode 305 – “The Cost of Living”
Mr. Eko is brought back to the survivors camp, he is still in a state of shock. As Sayid, Charlie and Hurley leave him alone Yemi appears in front of Eko and tells him he must confess. Then the tent goes up in flames, they rescue Eko and prop him up against a tree and go back to put the fire out. When they turn back again, Eko is gone. John wants to go to the Pearl station and use the computer to see if they can communicate with the Others. When Charlie says Eko said something about his brother, Locke knows they’ll catch up with him as they’re both going to the same place.

In flashbacks we see what happened to Eko after the plane took off with his brother. He is returned to Yemi’s church where he takes on the role of Priest. Some gangsters come to town looking for the towns supply of vaccine. It hasn’t arrived yet and Eko learns of the deal they have with the gang. He tries to sell the vaccine on himself but when the gang learn of this they come to the church to chop off Eko’s hands. He fights back and kills the gang members in the church. The town isn’t happy, they know another gang will only take their place and now they can’t use the church again.

On the island Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Nikki and Paulo catch up with Eko and head for the Pearl Station. On route Eko has an encounter with the smoke monster but it vanishes as soon as Eko looks at it. When they get to the plane Yemi’s body is not inside, Locke gives Eko the cross he found and they all leave him to contemplate. When he is alone Yemi appears and Eko follows him. Eko gives his confession to Yemi, saying he is not sorry, he has done everything he had to in order to survive. Yemi turns to Eko and says “you talk to me as if I am your brother”. Eko wants to know who he is but the smoke monster appears again and kills Eko.

On the other side of the island Jack asks Ben about the tumour on his back. According to the x-rays he saw its clear that the tumour is going to kill him. Ben plays dumb and says he doesn’t know what Jack is talking about, but later confesses that it is him and he wants Jack’s help. He asks Jack if he believes in God and Jack asks the same question. Ben says two days after he was told he had a tumour on his spine, a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky. Juliette tries to convince Jack to do the surgery but at the same time plays him a movie in which she is holding signs that say some people want a change. He should dothe surgery but make it look like an accident and kill Ben.

In the Pearl station Nikki mentions there must be other hatches if that’s what the video says, perhaps they can get a video feed from one of the others. Sayid fiddles and they see a man with an eye patch (Mikhail) who turns the camera off. When they hear the smoke monster they rush back to save Eko but its too late. Eko whispers to John and John repeats it, “we’re next”.

Episode 306 – “I Do”
In flashbacks we see Kate preparing for her wedding day, although she’s being called Monica. She marrys a police man and makes a call to the CIA detective who is chasing her. She wants to stop running and he says he will stop chasing if she honestly can settle down. But he knows she can’t. And he is right. After a while Kate can’t take it and drugs her husband and runs off.

On the island Kate is told by Juliette that Danny is going to kill Sawyer, but they can stop that if Kate convinces Jack to do the surgery. She pleads with Jack to help Ben but Jack refuses saying this isn’t going to make him do the surgery and it’s not like they are actually going to let them go anyway. Later Jack finds his cell door open, he walks out and finds the monitoring room where he sees on a monitor Kate and Sawyer making out. Kate has escaped her cage and opened the door to Sawyers but he refuses to leave because he knows they’re on a different island.

Ben arrives in the monitoring station and Jack holds him at gunpoint. Ben says it’s only going to be a nail in his coffin but Jack says he will perform the surgery, first thing tomorrow. Back with Locke they bury Mr. Eko with his prayer stick, as Locke is banging it into the ground he reads some of the scripture “open your eyes and look north john 305”.

Episode 307 – “Not In Portland”
In flashbacks we see Juliette, she is a researcher looking into fertility. She is working with her sister who has cancer but really wants a baby. Juliette is met by Richard Alpert and Ethan who ask her to come to Mittelos Bioscience and do her research with them as she is special. She says she can’t, her ex husband would never let her, the only way would be if he was hit by a bus. Juliette’s sister, Rachel, tells her that she is pregnant, her research works and when Juliette goes to tell her ex he is hit by a bus! In the morgue Richard Alpert and Ethan arrive again and ask her to come with them. They know all about her success and promise it’ll only be for six months.

On the island Jack is performing surgery on Ben, he has cut open his kidney sack and is going to let him bleed to death unless Kate and Sawyer are set free. But Kate and Sawyer are currently being held at gunpoint by Danny and Sawyer is about to get a bullet when the radio goes and he is forced to let them go. Sawyer and Kate lock the pair up and run for it. Juliette later tells some others to go after them and if need be, kill them.

Alex turns up to help Kate and Sawyer but wants help to rescue Karl. They perform the “wookie prisoner” routine and rescue Karl who is being help captive like in Clockwork Orange, forced to watch a video with messages like “God loves you as he loved Jacob”.

Ben wakes up from his surgery and demands to speak to Juliette, he whispers something and then she leaves, telling Jack she is going to help his friends escape so he can continue the surgery. Kate, Sawyer, Karl and Alex get to the boat when Danny appears again, he holds the gun to Sawyer but Juliette appears and shoots him. Sawyer and Kate take Karl with them to their island but Alex is forced to stay.

After the surgery Jack wants to know what Ben said to Juliette to make her change her mind. She says she’s been on the island over three years, Ben promised her she could finally go home.

Episode 308 – “Flashes Before Your Eyes”
In the jungle Locke, Desmond, Charlie, Hurley, Nikki, Paulo and Sayid want to discuss their next move but Desmond is feeling a bit funny and suddenly runs off. He rushes to the beach, dives into the ocean and rescues Claire who is drowning at see. Hurley tells Charlie that Desmond can see the future. Charlie is suspicious so they decide to get him drunk and find the truth. Armed with a bottle of MacCutcheon whiskey they get drunk together and Charlie asks him what happened when Des turned the failsafe key. Des walks off and Charlie calls him a coward so Des attacks Charlie saying he doesn’t want to know.

We see Des on the floor of his apartment covered in red paint. Penny walks in and it appears we are in a Des flashback but Des actually is holding memories of the future in it. The microwave starts beeping the same noise of the hatch alarm. Des puts it down to déj

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