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Episode 406 – “The Other Woman”
Charlotte and Daniel run off into the jungle, Juliette and Jack decide to go after them. Juliette is visited by her former therapist, Harper, who tells her that she needs to kill Daniel and Charlotte and that they’re headed to the Tempest to deploy the same gas Ben used in the purge. Jack appears and he too sees Harper but when the whispers happen and they both turn their back, she is gone.

On her way back to the beach Kate bumps into Charlotte and Daniel, she questions what they are doing and finds they are carrying gas masks. Charlotte knocks Kate out and they escape. Jack and Juliette find Kate and whilst Jack is attending to her Juliette runs off for the Tempest. She catches up with Charlotte and Daniel and holds a gun to them, telling them to stop. They say they are making the gas inert so Ben can never use it and Daniel switches it off. As they leave Jack and Kate catch up and Juliette tells Jack to stay away from her as Ben will never let them be together. They kiss.

In flashbacks we see more of Juliette on the island and how she befriended Goodwin, sleeping with him even though he was married to Harper. She knows about it and asks Juliette to stop not because she’ll hurt Goodwin, but because Ben will. Juliette doesn’t stop and then Flight 815 crashes, Ben sends Goodwin to the tail section and when they find him dead, Ben takes Juliette to see his body. She asks why he brought her and Ben asks “instead of his wife?” Ben exclaims that to Juliette that “you’re mine” and walks off.

At the barracks Locke is struggling to control his troops and Ben tries to get into his head. Ben promises Locke more answers if he can be set free and Locke agrees. Ben shows him footage of Charles Widmore beating up one of the Others who was unlucky enough to be caught. He says they need to protect the island from Widmore because if people know about the island, if they know the power it has, millions of people will flock to it.

Episode 407 – “Ji Yeon”
Sun doesn’t believe that the freighter folk are going to rescue them so she wants to go to Lockes camp with Jin. Juliette doesn’t want that to happen because she knows Sun will die. As they leave Juliette tells Jin that his wife is in danger is she goes but he says wherever Sun goes, so does he. Juliette then tells him Sun cheated on him and she was worried the baby wasn’t his and Jin walks off. He goes fishing with Bernard and then brings Sun supper. He says he knows whatever she did was to the old him, the one who before the island withheld his affections for her and all he wants to know is if the baby is his. She says it is.

In the off-island scenes we see Sun going into labour, she thinks there is something wrong with the baby. At the hospital she is given something for the pain and then starts calling out for Jin. He is at a toy shop looking for a panda teddy bear. He buys one but after putting it in the taxi he is distracted and the taxi drives off. He grabs another and rushes to the hospital. Sun gives birth to a baby girl. When Jin arrives he hands the panda over to a Chinese diplomat as a congratulations from Mr. Paik. Jin says to the receptionist he’s only been married two months. His story is a flash-back, Sun’s a flash-forward. Sun is visited by Hurley and with Ji Yeon they go to visit Jin’s grave. The date of death says September 22nd, 2004, the date of the crash.

On the freighter and Desmond and Sayid are still being kept in the medical bay. A note is pushed through their door that says “don’t trust the captain.” When they meet with the captain a woman wrapped in chains jumps overboard and nobody does anything about it. The captain says there is a saboteur on board who has broken all their equipment and they are now stuck. He shows them the black box that was rescued from the wreckage of Flight 815 that was found in the Sundra Trench. He believes the whole thing was staged and asks just who is Ben Linus?

Des and Sayid are shown to new quarters on the quiet side of the ship. They say the ship isn’t moving and they are told “if you say so”. Inside the room is a mess and there is a bloodstain on the wall from the last occupant who committed suicide. The man asks Kevin Johnson to come clean it up, he walks forward and its revealed it is Michael!

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