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Episode 114 – “Special”
We follow Michael and Walt’s relationship or lack thereof in this episode’s flashback which spans nine years. Opening with Michael wanting the most elaborate and elegant crib for his baby we learn he is not married to the mother of his child, Susan, and he is unemployed, a struggling artist with a history of construction. She is at law school about to take the final exams. Michael wants to call his son Walt, after his father, and Susan agrees if he gets her last name.

We next see Michael protecting a baby Walt as Susan says she’s leaving for Amsterdam having been offered the job of her dreams. There is no negoitiation as she has already accepted. It’s clear their marriage has fallen apart. Then Michael is on a public payphone speaking to Susan who tells him she’s seeing someone, her boss, and they’re moving to Italy. Michael says he’s coming to get his son when he is hit by a car.

In the hospital Michael draws his son a cartoon with a joke when Susan visits and says she is paying his medical bills, suspecting something Michael questions why and she’s getting married and Brian wants to adopt Walt. What can Michael do? Fast forward and Walt is studying in Australia with Vincent, Susan gets ill and Walt gets angry when Brian isn’t looking at the weird looking bird he is studying. Suddenly that bird hits the window, dead. Susan dies and so Brian visits Michael, offering him Walt back. Michael goes to get him and we know what happens next.

On the island Michael and Walt’s relationship is strained, Walt says Michael isn’t his father, he was never there for him and Locke is teaching him to throw knifes. Locke tells him to visualise the knife hitting the tree in his minds eye. Charlie looks for Claire’s things and then finds her diary. He reads it, the scumbag, and finds something that he thinks might help Jack and Sayid make sense of Danielles map.

Michael starts to build a raft and he and Walt have a fight causing Walt to walk off. Locke and Michael find him trapped by a polar bear and they rescue him. Interestingly Michael burns Walt’s comic featuring a polar bear attacking, perhaps Walt pictured this in his minds eye and it came true? On their way back to camp, Boone and Locke are joined by Claire who stumbles out of the wilderness looking tired and dirty.

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