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Fewer than twelve months ago, Debora and I went to Orlando, Florida for our honeymoon. It was our first real “big” holiday together and it was incredible. Returning home we knew we had to go back to relive the experience and not just because we were mere weeks shy of seeing Universal Studios open their latest attraction in Diagon Alley.

It feels like forever since we booked the return trip, counting down the days, surviving Christmas, New Years and Easter until we reach this point, the day before we fly.

We’ve opted to fly out of Manchester this year as it’s a trifle closer to home than before. The long drive back from London last year was torture and we’re hoping to alleviate that somewhat this time with a brief layover in a Manchester hotel on touchdown. But it’s still not as close as Birmingham meaning we’ve got to be up very early to beat the traffic, assuming we can sleep at all!

Everything in packed, almost, just the electricals to go, but we can’t shake the feeling that we’re forgetting something. We’ve got our park tickets, flight tickets, car hire voucher, hotel booking, photo passes, everything should be in order. The itinerary is set, all we need to do is enjoy the holiday.

Once again I’ll be blogging daily which you can read here or follow me on Twitter for any other updates, probably as I stand in the many queues. But before the fun can begin we must endure the travel and the long waits at the airports.

Tune in tomorrow for more!

Archived: The Holiday Blog – Day 0: Preperation - archived
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