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In the UK it’s 01:29 on Tuesday. We’ve been up since 5am and have only just arrived at Cabana Bay. Was it worth the wait? Oh my goodness (so far) yes. This place is beautiful. But lets start at the beginning shall we?

Up at 5am, out the door by 6 and arrived in Manchester “Meet and Greet” at 8. Although its not really meet and greet, it’s drop your car off and go walk to the terminal. When we got to the check in desk we were told the exit row seats we booked were not available, someone else had been given them. The offer in return was to get a full row to ourselves and get a refund. We opted for this although we weren’t happy. The only thing that alleviated some of that pain was seeing Jeff and Karen Jarrett checking in next to us. I was unable to get a snap but it was him, on his way home from a convention in Wales.

The flight was delayed by an hour, late arriving in Manchester. It was one of the worst flights I’ve had. Wonder if I can claim whiplash from the kid kicking the back of my chair repeatedly the whole eight hours. They were eight bumpy hours too, so much turbulence I felt incredibly sick.

Anyway, we arrived in Orlando, it was only moderately warm. We picked up the rental car and got a little lost trying to find the parking lot. We eventually did and then it felt like stealing a car, we were just pointed to the direction of the car. Then I went through a number of toll roads in the wrong direction, probably going to get in trouble for that!

When arriving at Cabana Bay, it’s beautiful. Marred slightly by the fact we can see the International Palms from where we are and the construction work going on next door for the new hotel, but one walk to the Bayliner Diner and I was hooked. This looked great and I can’t wait to explore more!


So tired though, will have to get some sleep – although Raw is on next on the TV that looks like it’s a 4K TV – will have to confirm that.

Tomorrow holds a trip to SeaWorld and dining with Shamu, but first, sleep!

Archived: The Holiday Blog: Day 1 – Arrival - archived
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