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Today we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the last time we were here it was a Star Wars Weekend and Debora and I had our faces scanned for a commemorative statue, but we also didn’t really get to explore. Today was a day that Debora had to be brave as she took on the Rock n Rollercoaster and the Tower of Terror.


We had an early fastpass to Toy Story Mania but first, we thought we’d try to get on Aerosmith’s Rock n Rollercoater and we were straight on. Starting a bit like Rita, sending you off at high speeds into twists and turns, all to tunes of Aerosmith, the rollercoaster is such great fun. Then we went to Toy Story and we understood why this ride always has such long wait times. It’s incredible. Even if it is just putting you inside a giant arcade. It’s a shooting game but the gun is a plug string, it tires your arm out quick but its unusual and fun. I just beat Debora but was hardly anywhere near the top scores of the morning.

We then went over to the Animation Studio, watched a little presentation on how to draw before taking a quiz on what character we are most like. Debora is like Belle, I’m like Jafar. Onto Star Tours, the old man in line next to us ran straight on, it was his second ride, he used his wife’s fastpass as she doesn’t really like the rides. I do like Star Wars but I wish they had the characters all year round.

The morning turned into afternoon, we met Mike and Sully, rode the Great Movie Ride and Muppet Vision 3D – I still wait for muppet puppets to be available to buy, before heading to the Tower of Terror. What didn’t help settle the nerves was that as we stood outside the elevator doors, the ride broke down and we had to move to not one, but two other carts to ride. It dropped and lifted us more times than I remember and we came out of our seats but it was great fun.

Quick bite to eat, veggie wrap and plain, dull crisps, before watching the Beauty and the Beast live show and then the Stunt Show. I missed a picture of the big finale, but it was spectacular. Back to the hotel, our feet tired and weary, we headed to the pool and the fire pits to make some smores. Can’t believe just how quickly time is flying, so much for an early night!


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