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Today we had plans to be out late, to catch the Disney fireworks. So after waking up, we decided that we’d head to Universal Studios in the morning, head back to the hotel for a power nap before making our way to the Magic Kingdom. However, it didn’t work out that way.

After breakfast of a Cinnabon we headed into Universal which was absolutely dead. We rode Despicable Me, Transformers and The Mummy all with only five minute wait times. Then went into Diagon Alley and Gringotts only had a ten minute wait so we went on that too after lots of spell casting. Our wand work was much better today, although I still couldn’t get the Reparo charm to work…Debora did. Good witch. We caught the Tale of the Three Brothers on stage, the puppets are brilliant and the show was great too, although much shorter than the fountain of fair fortune.


We walked to the Simpsons – another five minute queue – before making our way out of the park. I’m not sure why it was so quiet today, last Cinco de Mayo it was heaving. Half of Universal was boarded off thanks to the filming of Ninja Warrior but could that have turned people away?

We had a cheese melt at City Walk’s Bread Box which was overly greasy but some great seating. When we got back to the hotel we couldn’t sleep so decided to head to Disney’s Boardwalk. After a long walk from the car park the Boardwalk wasn’t really as advertised and a little disappointing.

Debora and I looked at each other through exhausted eyes and decided that we needed sleep more than we needed the fireworks. We would try again tomorrow. So back at Cabana Bay we had ourselves a black bean burger and some nachos and returned to the room for a lazy night in.


Archived: The Holiday Blog – Day Nine: Universal Studios and Bed - archived
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