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We decided we’d try and squeeze some final Disney into our last Saturday here in Orlando. Straight to Epcot and walked onto Soarin’, unfortunately we were on the bottom row so you can see the bottom edges of the screen and peoples feet above you which takes you out of the immersion. I look forward to the update of this ride, hopefully they can put you in a full 360 dome.

We then went over to Test Track which was showing a 45 minute wait. It was less than that in reality, about 25-30. We tried to design the best all rounder car to try and make the leaderboard, but failed. It seems the trick is to be more speedy and powerful than efficient. Then we jumped on Mission: Space – the intense version – which worried me a little as I felt queezy after the less intense version last year. Luckily it wasn’t too traumatic, I focused straight ahead and kept my head straight and we made it to Mars unscathed.


Then we sped off to Hollywood Studios to ride Toy Story one more time. As we stood in the shop cooling down from the intense sunshine to check our FastPass times I suddenly clocked the time, we only had ten minutes to get to Toy Story! It was a brisk walk but we made it in time and could relax inside in the cool. We both posted personal best scores but still hadn’t broken the 200,000 point threshold, I don’t know how anyone could have done that really. I assume accuracy comes into account when tallying the scores.

Onto Star Tours next, I tried to point Debora out as the rebel spy but the cast member chose a little girl instead to be displayed on the screen, she did have hair like Leia I guess. We got to experience the Death Star this time but have missed out on Hoth and the Yoda hologram message, save those for next time…by then perhaps Star Wars land will be built?

Popping into Muppet Studios one last time when we came out the FastPass line for the Frozen singalong was quite large. We got quite good seats but the man in front of me had ridiculous curly hair I couldn’t get a good shot of Anna or Elsa who actually weren’t in the show an awful lot, sadly. But I got to belt out some tunes which was fun for me, not for those sat around me!


It was then time to bid farewell to Disney, after a final stop for some souvenirs – we spent forever trying to find something for our new house and settled on a steel Mickey face to put hot pans onto. It was a sad feeling to be leaving Disney behind for the last time. I’ll miss this happy place.

For dinner we headed to the YardHouse at the new I360 – where the Orlando Eye is. I’ve read good things and the menu lists a whole vegetarian section which got our attention. It was busy, we were lucky to get a table as people were waiting when we left. I had the Torta – no idea what that was but it was like a spicy chicken sandwich and Debora had the chicken strips. Although can people stop calling vegetarian meat substitutes by their meaty name please? It took a while to get served but the food was good and the service polite. The place did smell a little of stale beer as you’d expect with the hundreds of beers available. As two non-alcoholic drinkers we were looked at a little sideways when we asked for soft drinks.

Back to Cabana Bay for an early night ready for our last full day tomorrow which we plan to hit Islands of Adventure early and Universal for one more time.

Archived: The Holiday Blog – Day Thirteen: Final Disney Day - archived
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