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Last year we only learnt about the Disney FastPass scheme on our last day at the Disney park. So this year we were ready, I had booked us some attractions in advance although couldn’t get an advance for the new ride, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. The first thing we did then was head to FantasyLand, but it seemed everyone else had the same idea.

Fortunately, the queue moved quickly, we were probably waiting ten minutes before we boarded. The ride was fun enough but when we passed the ride later the queue was 80 minutes, I wouldn’t wait longer than half an hour for it. It’s very similar to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but that is much more fun.


We spent the morning in FantasyLand, we went on Peter Pan’s Flight, It’s a Small World (where we did not see one single racial stereotype anamatronic) and The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh before trying to pull the sword from the stone and then headed to the Haunted Mansion. Last year this ride broke down whilst we were on it. This year, it did it again. Not much luck with this ride!

We rode Pirates of the Caribbean, had some ice cream and headed to TomorrowLand. We rode Buzz Lightyear’s Space Rangers Spin, The Carousel of Progress and had some chuckles at the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. A veggie burger for lunch and then a trip back to the hotel.

There were no thunderstorms today, despite being forecast, and whilst yesterday we were hating the rain, today we would have welcomed it…although we did lose our ponchos already.

When we got back we took a breath and then headed over to Universal Studios to see Diagon Alley. It’s a great replica, Universal have done a great job, although the wall to walk through is a little poor. The wait time for Gringotts was only 15 minutes so we jumped right in. The ride was fun, but I don’t think it’s as good as Forbidden Journey…or Spiderman…or even Transformers. But fun.


We explored Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley, we haven’t picked up a wand yet but are eager to experience that. Gertie the dragon blew some fire, it was great.

So tired now though, feet hurt, backs hurt. Still 12 days to go!

It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…

Archived: The Holiday Blog – Day Three: Magic Kingdom - archived
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