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Up late today and we headed to Islands of Adventure without breakfast! We were rather late to the park, around 10am and it was busy! It’s one of the grad-bash nights and so the park closes early for all the kids who are graduating to celebrate, but it seems they were all in the parks all day!

We took some scenic photos and gawped at the wait times of most of the rides, going on the shortest of them all – Storm Force Acceletron before heading to Forbidden Journey. The wait was 30 minutes but going through Hogwarts is never a bore, even if Salazar Slytherin repeating “Potter! Potter! Potter!” did get annoying. Then it was back to the spell casting in Hogsmeade which went much better this time around.

Spider-Man was next after walking back past the Kongstruction, a lot of the scaffolding has come down now and it looks incredible! We hit the Hulk and I dropped on Doctor Doom before we grabbed a Garden Burger at Burger Digs and then headed back to the hotel.

Grabbing a Starbucks we waited in the lobby for the character meet and greet, it was Scooby Doo. We were expecting more characters who apparently come out every half hour, but we couldn’t stick around. We had FastPass reservations to get to!


We rushed to Magic Kingdom and jumped on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Magic Kingdom was just as busy as Islands of Adventure. We headed to Tomorrowland where we did Buzz Lightyear’s Ranger Spin before getting on the people mover.

After we had a little sit and a think about what to do next, but Debora wasn’t paying attention, her focus had been drawn to the cuddly Bullseye pillow that was staring at her. After a moments consideration, he was now part of our family.


We had about an hour to spare before the Main Street Electric Parade we had FP’s for started, so we were going to go on Pirates of the Caribbean, but spotted that Jungle Cruise was open, it was supposed to be closed for refurbishment. After a long queue we finally got on, not sure what they’ve changed exactly but things looked clean.

The Electrical Parade was good but the crowds were ridiculous. After we headed back to the ticket and transportation hub and watched the fireworks from afar, great views but you don’t get to hear the audio, a small price to pay for an almost private show.

Last couple of days ahead so going to try and fit as much in as possible, sadly, that means an early morning looms!

Archived: The Holiday Blog – Day Twelve: Islands of Adventure & Magic Kingdom - archived
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