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It’s Tuesday, we left on Monday. We’ve had little sleep but are finally home, even though I forgot to use the clutch when breaking after two weeks in an automatic car.

For our last day we had a bit of a sleep in before packing our bags. I nipped off to Starbucks for our breakfast which took a long time to warm up but was a tasty treat. Once packing was completed we checked out of Cabana Bay and checked into Universal Studios. It was still ridiculously hot, the other day was apparently the hottest day of the year so far and temperatures showed no signs of dropping.

The queue for Rip, Ride & Rockit was short and as it was the only ride Debora hadn’t been on, we lined up. It was a bumpy ride but I still like it, although the photo says differently, Debora hated every second of it. We then headed to Diagon Alley where we picked up some postcards and a magnetic notepad before hopping on the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade where we could get them stamped at the Owl Post. The journey wasn’t fun, there was a family that didn’t speak any English taking flash photography and videoing with a light on. I got my angry face on and told them to stop. Then there was the awkwardness.


Back on the Hogwarts Express to Universal where we picked up our Rockit DVD and had a final look for gifts before headed back to the hotel for a spot of lunch. After a brief sit out by the pool, still ridiculously hot in the shade, it was time to say our final farewell to Cabana Bay. We drove to the airport, dropped off our car – I almost walked off with the keys – and sat around in the airport.

At security I was swabbed for traces of explosives before we finally boarded. I watched two episodes of 2 Broke Girls before Project Almanac which I really enjoyed. Then TMNT which was pretty terrible before trying to nap but failing. So I stuck on Into The Woods to listen to as we began to land. I thought the flight went by incredibly quickly which was fortunate as the exit row seats were rather snug!

Last year we drove back to Worcester straight after landing but this time we booked a hotel for half a day so we could nap and shower before driving. Was a great idea, we’re home now and feeling fresh…well, I am.

It’s hard to believe that it’s all over now, time does fly. Although it’s sad to be home, now begins a new journey. Having just bought a house it’s time to start a new adventure, at least until we can go back.

Archived: The Holiday Blog: We’re Home - archived
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