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Last night US TV was hit with three Seth MacFarlane animated comedy shows. Family Guy, American Dad and new Family Guy spin off The Cleveland Show hit the airwaves.

Last season I reviewed every episode, I’m not feeling that this year. Instead I’ll give you a brief breakdown on my thoughts.

Firstly The Cleveland Show. Pretty standard pilot episode stuff. Cleveland loses his house in the divorce and decides to take Cleveland Jnr to California. On the way they stop in his old hometown and Cleveland bumps into his old flame. They get married and so we have the start of a new chapter. Does this mean Cleveland won’t be in Family Guy anymore? not too many laughs but should hope for something more exciting in the future.

American Dad was a pretty funny episode this week where to man Steve up a bit Stan sends him to war, a Vietnam war re-enactment. Some good stuff here that makes up for last seasons dodgy episodes.

Family Guy opened with ‘Road To The Multiverse’ where Stewie shows Brian his invention to travel dimensions and so off they go. Whilst not a lot happened in terms of plot it was pretty funny to see certain scenes like the Robot Chicken dimension and the best coming from the Disney dimension – some brilliant animation there.

I love September.

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