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Since my ruptured achilles tendon injury I’ve been told that I can’t play football again (at least for a year or so). That really destroyed me, I was looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, but every cloud has a silver lining and I’m please to announce that I am taking on the mantle of Manager for the new team in the Worcester & District League division four, Hornets Sports.

It’s a large responsibility, the Hornets brand of football is well known and established in the Sunday league football leagues but a new challenge should be a lot of fun. I prepared a statement which I’m happy to share with you now.

Many of you know me as the loud mouthed goalkeeper. I hope now to become the loud mouthed manager.

When I first moved to Worcester and put that post on the Droitwich Football forum offering my services, I never expected to get what I did. When Richy contacted me and invited me down for that first training session I was petrified, having not been involved in eleven a side competition since before University I feared I just wouldn’t fit in. I was wrong.

The Hornets welcomed me and I not only found a club that I had fun playing with, but I also felt at home here. Not two years later and I’m called up about playing as part of the Legends team. I was humbled, I’d not been with the club that long yet I was already being classed as a Legend. It was in this game that I suffered a potentially career ending injury so when I heard of the chance to take up the managerial reigns of Hornets Sports, I jumped at the chance. Here was an opportunity for me to give something back to the club and remained involved with all the great people who make the club what it is and not sit at home licking my wounds.

Whilst I’m new to this game I thrive off a challenge. I know this club is special, it means a lot, you can feel it in the air when we get together and I hope to continue the tradition that the Hornets have set, the standards and morals they have through into this new breed of team. There’s going to be a steep learning curve, not only for me, but for the team and I’m looking forward to facing this journey together.

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