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I’ve just read this over at the IMdB, I’m surprised to say the least. No Lost?

The most-downloaded shows on BitTorrent sites have little in common with the most-viewed shows on television, according to a list compiled by the website TorrentFreak. Indeed, most of the top-ten downloaded shows, which also include those airing on cable, don’t even appear in Nielsen’s top ten. (The only one that does is ABC’s Desperate Housewives) They are: 1. Heroes, 2. Prison Break, 3. 24 , 4. Desperate Housewives, 5. Family Guy, 6. Smallville, 7. South Park, 8. Gossip Girl, 9. Fringe, and 10. Supernatural.

I still don’t understand how you can call this “pirating”. Sky+ and TiVo boxes allow you to record TV shows. All downloading a show is in essence is recording it from said box. I should have been on the PirateBay lawyer team.

Source: IMdB

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