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The slew has started, but where do I begin? I think I’ll start in reverse order of how I watched them. Once again I leve you with the warning.


Desperate Housewives started with a recap on what happened five years ago as Susan gave birth to her son, it parrelled her life with that of another who she shared a hospital with and had many other close encounters with without actually meeting her, until one fateful night where she and Mike crashed into this other womans car, killing both her and her daughter. This leaves Susan devestated and we find out later that she left Mike because she can’t come to terms with what she’s done and Mike can’t keep having the same arguement with her over and over. But it’s not all bad for Susan, she is getting some loving from her painter who wants more from her but Susan doesn’t think she deserves it. It also looks like she still has feeling for Mike.

What about the rest of Wisteria Lane? Gabby is concerned she’s losing her looks, looking after two children and a blind husband. Wanita is only four yet incredibly overweight, Gabby doesn’t want her to become obese so makes her chase after the car to get home. Lynette is same old same old, her and Tom still are having trouble with the kids, we only saw the twins in this episode but they’re a right pair of tearaways. Tom is more concerned over his car but with some words from his wife he seems to come good in the end. I wonder how this one will play out, much like every other season before where the kids end up getting the parents into trouble no doubt.

Bree has become a cookbook author with Andrew as her PA and Katherine is one of her chefs. It seems as though their friendship is going to get strained again as Bree is using Katherines recipies and not crediting her. We also find out that Danielle has taken baby Benjamin back from Bree, she also has got married to a lawyer and dares her mother to come for the child. Orson makes it blatantly obvious to us all that cooking has since become Bree’s “baby”. Surely we can’t see another enemies turned friends between Bree and Katherine, angry over getting shunned who goes soft when she learns of Bree’s family troubles?

Look who’s back and in her old house to boot! Edie Britt is back but with her new husband Dave! Dave was desperate to get to Wisteria Lane and is more determined to have Edie get back on with everyone, he says it’ll make things “easier”. We learn that Dave actually has a history of anger management and isn’t a danger to himself, just others. He tells his doctor that he’s in the right place and not to worry, but who can Dave be looking to get revenge on? Edie? None of the girls seemed to recognise Dave when they met him, but Katherine wasn’t there and Carlos can’t see him so they look like the likely candidates at the moment.

Overall a good start to the season but predictable? We’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks however it seems to have been a success as it garnered 18.4 million viewers, although that is down 7% from season four’s premier. Early reports are hailing the premier as a return to form for Mark Cherry and co.

Y2Rating: 8/10

I am a huge Family Guy fan but even I can see that the last season or two has dipped in quality, thankfully the premier episode of this season had me in stitches! It’s a Brian centric as he looks to get over his last girlfriend and find another lover. Taking advice from Stewie of all people, Brian decides to take it slow, even though he’s getting some pretty strong signals from Caroline. It proves to be a mistake as the night he finally decides to do it he finds Caroline getting it on with Cleveland! This inspires Stewie and Brian to get Lloretta to ask for Cleveland back but he refuses only to find Caroline sleeping with Quagmire! I think this is all building up to the Family Guy spin-off that focuses on Cleveland, he needs a reason to leave Quahog and perhaps he can finally decide that now is the time to do it.

Some genuinly funny moments in this episode, starting off with Brian dressed as Snoopy for a fancy dress party and doing the Snoopy dance, on his date with Caroline and showing that he is still a dog at heart by killing a rabbit and licking ice cream from his nose. There is also the part where Stewie and Brian go to Lloretta and have a discussion over weather or not Lloretta is part of the main cast who can understand Stewie or if she just thinks he’s taking baby.

I’m keen to see more and hope they can keep this sort of level of show up. Only 9.2 million people tuned in for Family Guy, a drop of 15% from last year, but I’m sure they can claw those viewers back if they can provide the material.

Y2Rating: 7/10

American Dad has always

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