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I’m actually on holiday, but I’m finding the time to come here and write my wrap-ups just especially for you, dear reader. OK, shall we start with…

I must be a precog because I said last week there was no way they’d have killed off Ando and low and behold, they hadn’t! Just as I predicted, Hiro would freeze time and just so happen to stumble upon a fake sword and blood in the bar he was in. This allowed Hiro to get in with the bad guys who tell him he must go and find the African dude who has been helping Parkman find his way.

Parkman has made his journey back to the US and is greeted by Daphne at the airport he tells her they need to be together but she doesn’t believe him, he name drops her grandmother and she starts to show an interest. Parkman is feeling the love and asks her to do what is in her heart, so she does, and runs off.

Knox has taken Adam Monroe to see Mr. Petrelli, Adam is surprised he’s still alive, something which thankfully Adam isn’t anymore! Mr. P takes his abilities and can breathe again as he gets out of bed, preparing to run the world his way.

Claire and her mum go off to save Meridith, Sandra says Noah taught her “one of us one of them” so Claire accepts she needs to go, only Doyle easily cottons onto their plans and forces the family to play Russian roulette…can you see what’s going to happen? After Claire fires a blank at Meridith, Sandra picks it up and points it at Claire who tells her mum to fire. She does, Claire goes down and Doyle is impressed, but with his back turned Claire is up and knocks him out. Noah arrives to clear up the mess but Claire still isn’t talking to him.

Tracey and Nathan head to see Mohinder, Daphne also pays him a visit to try and recruit him but when she stumbles upon his experiments she bolts. Mohinder promises he can help his two friends only he injects them with something to knock them out. Tracey, tied to a table tries to freeze Mohinder and buys herself some time to get free of her shackles only for Mohinder to show his rage and trap them again.

Daphne – the busy bee – now frees Sylar and another inmate of Level 5, Sylar refuses to go with her but free’s Peter, telling him their mother is in trouble. Peter tries to get in her head but is blocked and can only see the logo for the facility where Daphne is taking everyone. Sylar and Peter have a fight about controlling his rage only for Peter to end up trapping Sylar again in the facility.

Hiro and Ando try to capture the African Mr. Issac but being a precog this isn’t easy. They finally do and he tells them that they have passed the test. He tells them they could take him to the facility or they could just see the villians they are after by looking at one of his paintings.

Peter arrives at Pinehurst and confronts his father, he wants answers but Papa P wants a hug. Peter gives one to him but his dad sucks out all his powers!

Overall a good episode, lots going on and a little predictable at times but solid. Finally someone died – Adam – but I wish they’d just focus on the characters they have rather than keep introducing new ones. Once again Peter has lost his powers…well I suppose this is the first time he’s lost them as opposed to last time when he just forgot them. I wonder how he’ll get them back this time?

Y2Rating: 7/10

Bree is going to be famous and it’s causing some resentment with the other housewives. Her cookbook is out and she’s been voted Businesswoman of the Year! Lynette wants to get in on the action so does some mock ups for a PR campaign but Bree wants to keep what she’s got.

Orson is caught by Bree, he has been lying about going to work, he was laid off after they found out he’d been to prison but too ashamed to tell his wife. After being unable to find a job anywhere he turns to Bree in the hope she’ll hire him, but she refuses which only furthers the gap between them so Orson sleeps in the guest bedroom.

Gabby and Carlos want some time alone, they palm Wanita off on a friend for a playdate and get down to some love-making. Only Carlos’ description of blind sex makes Gabby want some too, so she puts on a blindfold and they go at it, only to be walked in on by Wanita! They have to then discuss the birds and the bees with her daughter who then blabs it to all her friends, getting her kicked out of the playdate. When Gabby and Carlos go to apologise, Carlos lets slip there is no Santa and they’re back in the doghouse once again.

Susan feels MJ is being neglected by his father, they both want to spend more time together and Mike fears Jackson is moving in on his son. To win over MJs affections Mike buys him a bike, but isn’t there to teach him ride it and so Jackson chips in, taking off the training wheels. This causes Susan to panic and she asks MJ to fall so his Dad can help pick him up. All this comes out at the hospital when he falls awkwardly.

The answers to Mike’s prayers could be helped by Dave who wants him in the garage band with him and Tom. Edie wants to buy the old Hudson house which has come on the market but Dave snaps at her and says no which frightens them both and forces Dave to take a pill. Later he is talking to Mike who reveals he wants to be closer to his son so Dave agrees to buy the house and rents it to Mike, but doesn’t let Mike know who his landlords are.

Bree caves and gives Orson the job with her after Lynette apologises for wanting in on her success. She realises that she is losing everything and the one thing she wants more than anything else is her husband.

Nothing to hang on this week other than the creepy Dave and we’ll still not really seeing any major storylines develop. Each week its a new story for each couple but contained in that episode, we aren’t being given a bigger picture.

Y2Rating: 6/10

Stan is jealous of Jackson who is Bullocks number one guy, that is until Stan is promoted but with that promotion comes trouble as Francine is left looking after Avery Junior. She begs Stan to stand up to his boss but he can’t as the privledges of being number one are too great. Finally he cracks and goes to rescue Bullocks wife but three years in Iraq has turned her into an Islamic radicalist. By the time Stan and Francine return her to normal Bullock has found a bit on the side. Stan then has to look after the other woman whilst away on his romantic break but finally says no to his boss after Roger, who has been jealous of Francine giving all the attention to AJ attempts to kill AJ by driving him off a cliff by Stans cabin retreat. Roger then plots a plan which brings everything out in the open.

Quite a boring episode this week, no laugh out loud moments, it felt like I’d seen it all before too.

Y2Rating: 5/10

This was another “Road To” special, this time we’re on the road to Germany after Mort steps into a time machine in Stewie’s bedroom. Brian and Stewie must go back in time to save him after he winds up in Nazi Germany.

There are a few funny moments, like when Stewie bumps into Hitler but again this feels like its all been done before. Nothing really stood out for me.

Y2Rating: 5/10

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