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Hey folks, apologies for the delay in posting this and I’m also sorry that this is just a really quick recap of this weekends USTV. I promise to be back on form next week!

This was a Roger-centric episode, after the family start by trying to cause an intervention on Rogers drinking and multiple personas he walks out on them and tries to buy something to make him happier. His card has been maxed out and by a co-signer he never authorised so Roger sets about destroying this persons life. Turns out that the other person was just another persona of Roger afterall and he was living a double life. Meanwhile the rest of the family are addicted to the simple game Simon and can’t be free from its clutches until Klaus rescues them in the only funny bit of the episode.

Y2Rating: 4/10

When watching this episode of Family Guy I thought it was incredibly weak, there weren’t really any laugh out loud moments and the repetition of that song was unnecessary. However, the following day I find myself constantly singing that blasted song, I’m playing pranks, much like Rick-Rolling, with this and I can’t get it out of my head. But still, this isn’t a marketing tool, this is supposed to be a comedy show.

The Griffins go to an authentic fifties diner and ‘The Birds The Word’ comes on the jukebox, this is Peter’s favourite song and he breaks into a dance routine. Alas, this song is from the sixties so the owner is set to destroy it but Peter gets him to give it to him. When he gets home Peter plays the track over and over and over again until Brian and Stewie have enough and destroy it. Peter goes to look for another copy but can’t find one, he does however find Jesus Christ. Peter sets about making Jesus famous again but he becomes a party-animal and cuts Peter out. He ends up in jail and decides Peter was only looking out for his best interests so decides to leave Earth again and gives Peter a new copy of his record.
Pretty darn weak.

Y2Rating: 4/10

What does Edie’s husband want with Wisteria Lane? This week we were teased with Dave’s darker side. You’ll remember we were left with a video of Dave saying he wasn’t a harm to himself and that he needed to check in with a doctor every month. Edie has been upset by a comment from Mrs. McClusky and Dave asks her to apologise, Mrs. M refuses as that’s how her and Edie talk so Dave threatens her, then Toby the cat goes missing and its not until after Mrs. McClusky apologises that he returns. The show ends with Mrs. M asking Kathryn if she can use her computer in order to do some research on their new neighbour.

For the rest of the residents Bree is still trying to deal with her busy life but at the same time she is alienating her husband and doesn’t seem to acknowledge him anymore. Orson is upset, it is revealed he did go to jail in order to be with Bree and he believes she is ashamed to have him as her husband now. What confused me was in the last episode Orson understood that “cooking” was “Brees baby” yet in this episode he’s angry she’s spending so much time doing it.

Susan’s new boyfriend, Jackson, has bad timing, he finds himself exposed to Mike and her son MJ. Mike threatens to take Susan to court unless he is allowed to assess the man sleeping with his ex-wife so takes him to a bar. They get on well, so well that Mike lets out a few saucy secrets that Jackson uses on Susan that night which freaks her out. They all seem to get along by the end of the episode though.

Lynette has the biggest chunk of the episode, she’s upset Porter doesn’t talk to her anymore so she signs up on the website “Silver Fox” which is a bit like Facebook or MySpace and begins to talk to him as ‘SaraJ’. This backfires as whilst she’s learning a lot about her son and enjoying talking to him, he has fallen for her! Lynette tries to let him down gently but finishes her ‘Dear John’ letter with “love mom” and her cover is blown.

Gabby is invited to a fancy party but then uninvited when Carlos starts work at the club. She sneaks in and finds an empty table, but Bree, who is catering, pulls her away and the funniest part of the episode sees Bree and Gabby arguing behind a door and every time the door opens Carlos is seen at the table getting in more awkward situations as he doesn’t know what’s going on.

Enjoyable episode, are we going to see another Bree and Orson’s relationship on the rocks? There is obviously more to come with Danielle and Benjamin which could play a part in perhaps Bree’s downfall or step down from the cook-book spotlight. Gabby’s story was pretty much the same as last week, dealing with the change her life has taken, sorted out by a soppy Carlos chat.

Y2Rating: 7/10

If you were confused easily by the previous three episodes, things aren’t getting any easier here I’m afraid. This week we were jumping about through time like a kangaroo on a space hopper. Future Peter takes Present Peter to the future to show him that people with abilities now run about in the open but they also use their abilities to cause terror. Only Sylar can help him. Future Peter is then shot by Claire and taken to a facility. Present Peter goes to Sylar who has a son, he takes his ability and learns that they’re brothers. Claire and her posse have arrived, they start tearing up the place and in the fight Sylar’s son is killed. This makes him go supernova and Costa Verde is destroyed.

Parkman, still on his spirit walk sees all this future and it is Daphne who he is married to and has a baby daughter. They are also looking after Molly.

Mohinder has turned into some kind of ape, much like all the Fly comparisons that have been allured to. I had hoped he’d die.

Present Tracy isn’t a robot, she is part of a triplet that were given powers when they were younger. Dr. Zimmerman can’t remember much else, he’s been had by the Haitian. Tracy can’t deal with her problems and goes to kill herself, but Nathan saves her and they form a bond over their similarities.
Present Peter, trapped in the future, now with Sylars abilities gets a visit from his brother, now the President! Sylar warned Peter that his power came with a price, a hunger for murder, and Peter ends up killing his Future Brother!
Mama Petrelli has told Hiro he is the only one who can save the world, but to do it he needs help. Hiro goes to get it in the form of Adam Monroe!

So we jumped around a lot but a lot has been said too. The formula will give anyone powers but not everyone deserves these powers and can use them. Practically everyone ends up dying in the future which means they’ll all be in this season for the long haul. Everyone seems to have a story which runs exactly the same…save the world…I’m still hooked on this and looking forward to how it continues to run.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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