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Episode 406 – “Pulling Double Booty”
Hayley gets dumped and goes on a mad rampage at the mall, Stan manages to hit her with tranquilizers to stop her and gets her home where he tells Francine the next time she does this she’s going to prison. Francine freaks out which freaks out Stan who vows that Hayley will never date another person unless it’s her future husband.

After airlifting out many potential fire-starters Hayley finally finds someone she can get on with and when Francine walks in on her kissing him on her bed she freaks out, because the man Hayley has fallen for is Stan! (Or is it?) No, it’s not. It’s Stans body double Bill, still pretty weird. But when Bill tries to pretend he’s Stan to sleep with Francine Stan throws him out a window, but now what about Hayley and the rampage? Yep, Stan pretends to be Bill and the two go away on a long weekend and all Hayley wants is sex. After much of Stan trying to get Hayley to break up with him she finally confesses her Dad never said “I love you” and they split. But when Hayley calls her Dad to tell him she loves him, Stan’s phone rings and so she goes crazy.

Meanwhile Steve and Roger try to spend summer together but Steve gets a summer job sexing chickens until he finds out what they do to the male chicks. He rescues some and then spends more time with them than Roger, so Roger organises a cock-fight. The final scene of Steve chasing after his escaped roosters is sad and yet funny at the same time.

Much better from the American Dad team this week, not brilliant but lots of funny moments and a lot going on that kept it fresh and entertaining. More like this please.

Y2Rating: 6/10

Episode 706 – “Tales of a Third Grade Nothing”
Peter is determined to become an executive at the brewery after he experienced a glimpse of what could be after he used the executive bathroom. After making several failed attempts to impress his superiors which included blowing up a childrens hospital instead of a billboard he is told he can’t become an executive until he finishes his third grade education, so he goes back to school.

Frank Sinatra Jr. & Brian decide to buy the floundering Cabana Club but get no visitors until Stewie gets involved and turns it into “pLace”, a trendy club. But then Andy Dick arrives and they lose all the credibility again. Stewie says they’re all part of the most exclusive club anyway, the one in his heart, they feel better and sing to end the show.

After making some bad impressions to the rest of the kids in his class Peter is told he can pass third grade if he wins a spelling bee. He struggles to spell the words until he gets them used in a dirty sentence. His final word is “lesbians” and he can’t spell it, even in the dirty sentence. That is until its used libellously. He wins, graduates and goes to get his promotion but is told he can’t have it as he blew up a childrens hospital, that there is an investigation going on and he will go to prison. The judge sentences him to seven days in jail and Peter quips he’ll be back next week.

Not bad, not great, but not bad. Few pretty funny gags, the reoccurring one where Clevelands house is destroyed and he falls out of the bath – get those in before he moves out. Quagmire’s possible illegitimate children also made me chuckle.

Y2Rating: 6/10

Episode 508 – “City On Fire”
We all know the episodes are titled after Steven Sondhiem tracks and this one is from Sweeney Todd, so I was double excited going in to this weeks episode. Once again Mark Cherry is Tarantino’ing the story as we start off with a dramatic opening scene before the titles of Blue Odyssey playing in the Battle of the Bands before a fire erupts at the club. We then go back to the events leading up to the fire with Mary Alice suspecting arson.

Preston tells Lynette about Porters secrets, that he got Anne Schilling pregnant and is planning on running away with her. Lynette goes to see Anne who tries to apologise, saying that her husband beat her and Porter was there to console her. Sadly, her husband overhears and asks Lynette to leave, Anne begs her to stay. She gets as far at her car before turning around and going back in. She sees Anne get a hefty kick to the face and then threatens her abuser who leaves. Lynette helps Anne, gets her to the hospital but Porter finds out and is mad at his mum.

Virginia is back at the Solis residence, she has written them into her will so Gabby agrees to let her back into their life. But again she pushes too far and at the Battle of the Bands she tells Gabby she is going to put the children into a private school. Once again Gabby goes off on one and tells her to keep her nose out of it. When Virginia gets knocked down in the panic of the evacuation Gabby helps her but its not getting her back in the will.

Bree gets a visit from a reviewer but this one always writes the nastiest things about the subject. Bree tries her best to put across the most sophisticated picture of herself but when the answering machine kicks in with Orsons parole officer the reporter digs up so much dirt. It isn’t until a heartfelt confession from Bree that she has fallen down so many times her book is a way of showing housewives that there are some things that can be perfect that the reporter decides to change the tone of her article.

Julie is coming home and she is bringing her new boyfriend, but he’s no boy. He is one of her professors, a forty something who has been married three times. He tells Susan he is going to propose and as only Susan can she tries to put a stop to it. When the whole thing comes out at the club Julie says she’d never get married which upsets Susan. Julie looks at her mothers failed marriages and knows it’s not for her. Susan tells her about love and asks her to reconsider, but not to marry her professor.

Dr. Hiller has arrived in Fairview and finds his way to Wysteria Lane where Edie invites him to Battle of the Bands he finds the man he is looking for. When confronted at the club Dave takes the doctor into a back room to talk about it. Dr. Hiller wants to know what Dave is doing in Fairview and why he is in the same band as “him”…who we think is Mike. Dave goes nuts and strangles the doctor to death and then starts a fire. When Blue Odyssey are playing the fire erupts and there is so much going on.

In the panic both Orson and Carlos take nasty knocks but will both be OK. Jackson is trapped in a bathroom but manages to escape but not before Mike goes in to look for him. When Jackson is out but Mike is still trapped, Dave goes in to rescue him and putting him on the gurney says “I’m not through with you yet”. Porter turns up and punches the bar manager who also happens to be Anne’s husband, he is then shown outside with a gun. In the aftermath the club owner threatens Porter with burning down his club.

Amazing episode but so frustrating as we now have to wait two weeks before we find out what happens in the aftermath!

Y2Rating: 9/10

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