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It’s different but yet the same. No American Dad or Family Guy again this week so I can only bring you Heroes and Desperate Housewives. I think it should also be noted that I now have a Blu Ray DVD player and it is freakin’ amazing. I could not believe the difference this thing makes, it’s incredible. I urge you to upgrade to the future if you haven’t done so already.

Episode: 5.05 – Mirror, Mirror
This week we went all Tarantino as we saw the end of the episode first and then through a series of flashbacks found out how we got to this point. We learn that Gabby could be pregnant again and her previous two were a bit of a shock. Carlos lied to her, saying he got a vasectomy when he really didn’t. She forgives him though as he really wants a son and Gabby obviously does too.

Lynette and Tom are fighting, as usual. We learn that in the past five years Tom died in the pizza parlour for a few minutes and from that point on all he has wanted to do was capture life. This time he wants to take the kids out of school, sell the shop and go around America in a camper van, Lynette obviously sees sense and “crushes” his latest dream. They don’t make up in the episode, is a potential Tom and Lynette split on the cards?

Jackson and Susan break up after Jackson pushes too far and asks Susan if he can move in. Susan still only wants the sex and not a relationship which forces Jackson to leave. In the flashbacks we learn that Susan never really wanted to be divorced from Mike but it was him who took the step and ended it. Now Susan is single again, I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to lure Mike back.

Orson asks Bree for a divorce! It seems that Bree regrets her decision to take him on board as a partner because she knows it will upset Kathryn. Orson can’t understand why until Bree breaks the news that on the day Orson left for prison, she started drinking again and it was Kathryn who helped her fight her addiction. Overcome, Orson apologises and goes to speak to Kathryn, saying he is not going to be a partner but an employee until Kathryn thinks he is ready.

The interlinking stories come together at the surprise 70th birthday party being held for Mrs. McClusky although Dave is planting the seeds of her dementia. Whilst she is out for drinks with Edie, Dave breaks in and moves things about in her house. Mrs. M storms into the party with a baseball bat and takes a swing. She starts accusing Dave of sending her crazy and everyone believes she is ill. She is carted off to hospital but gets a final goodbye from Dave who apologises that it had to be her. Finally we learn that Dave is now one step closer to getting revenge on the person who ruined his life.

I actually enjoyed the episode this week, new things were learnt, more story is told and the Tarantino twist and interlinking stories actually made it quite fun to watch.

Y2Rating: 8/10

Episode: 3.07 – Eris Quod Sum
Yet again, more confusing plot and lack of killing people off. Honestly Heroes, you’re lucky I come to expect it of you now!

Daphne is called to see Mr. Peterlli, he is unhappy she didn’t bring Matt to him, she apologises but Papa P has had it and now wants him dead. Maury is obviously distraught and pleads with him to reconsider, he doesn’t but does snap Maury’s neck, killing him. Daphne goes to Matt, she can’t kill him and he tells her he’ll think of something. The two argue as Knox appears and shouts at Daphne for not being able to do her job. Matt then says he isn’t afraid of Knox but really his is as the fear allows Knox to smash his fist right through his chest and then knocks out Daphne. Knox leaves, content. Then Matt and Daphne appear, it was all a mind game – then why not trap Knox in his own head rather than leave him to wander off?

Hiro and Ando are still with the precog, Ando thinks Hiro should go back in time to find out the villains weaknesses but Hiro refuses instead opting to eat the precog paste to see into the future. That’s all we get of Hiro this week.

Claire comes home to find the house in ruins, Elle is there, she needs Noah as she can no longer control her power. Claire tells her of Pinehearst and the two head off there, the first time we ever see our heroes in transit, Elle almost crashes the plane until Claire absorbs her electricity. When they reach the facility they learn the truth that they are about removing powers, Claire runs but Elle goes in.

Mohinder takes Maya to Pinehearst where Arthur Petrelli removes her power, she leaves but gives Mohinder the cold shoulder. Arthur tells him he can do good by helping him amend the formula. Mohinder agrees but will need a test subject, Arthur gives him Peter.

Angela visits Sylar in his mind and tells him he needs to help Peter, so he lets himself out of incarceration and heads to Pinehearst where he is confronted by his father. Arthur tells Sylar the “truth” about Angela and how she tried to kill him as a baby and when Peter confronts them both Sylar throws him out a seventh floor window. Peter crashes into the arms of Claire and has survived, how? Peter thinks Sylar used his abilities to cushion the fall, giving Peter the chance to escape and recoup his powers.

Nothing really to cliff hang on here. The family is getting a bit messed up with Peter now powerless, Claire unable to feel anything, Nathan off to Pinehearst to confront his Dad and Sylar on the borderline of good and evil. Still exciting stuff. The future visions and future Peter are no longer, too much has changed in the present that must alter the future, therefore surely the world might no longer be ending? Hiro should go check. Peter no longer has his abilities – how will he get them back? This would mean the dead Future Peter would never have had his powers and therefore unable to travel back into the past to shoot Nathan who would never have found God and thus this whole series would be avoidable?

Confused? Try not to be and just enjoy it. I do.

Y2Rating: 8/10

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