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No Heroes this week and it’s the Presidential Elections in the US today, so go vote for Obama!

Episode: 7.04 – “Baby Not On Board”
After Chris tries to get his Dads help on puberty whilst working, Peter complains and gets a free gas card. After several crazy trips, including one into space, Peter is convinced to take the family on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, only Stewie, in a homage to Home Alone, gets left behind.

The family don’t realise he is gone until they reach New York at which point Brian convinces Lois to let Cleveland and Quagmire look after Stewie but they are caught in a trap and Stewie imprisions them in the basement watching the DirecTV preview channel.

Lois and Peters relationship is strained but they soon forgive each other and head home where Stewie is so happy to see them. This episode did something that Family Guy hasn’t done for a while, made me laugh. It was refreshing, a bit different and not full of cliche jokes that have plauged those that have come before.

Y2Rating: 7/10

Episode 4.04 – “Choosey Wives Choose Smith”
American Dad is getting stale, they need to do something different with it, and I know I’ve said that before, but it’s really starting to irritate me now. In Family Guy we do get a lot more from the outside characters, but in American Dad we just get the family, and the occasional Bullock plot. This needs to change. By focusing on the family week in week out we are getting stale stories and they all seem like we’ve heard them before – and this is only the fourth season. Things need to change.

Anyway, Stan finds out Francine had a husband before him, he thinks she settled for Stan as she never had a choice before. He sets it up so Stan goes missing and her old flame can comfort her, if she stays loyal to Stan he will know she loves him but if she goes off with the other chap then Stan will leave her. Stan rigs the house with cameras and heads off to a secret island which is ravaged by a tsunami, leaving Stan and Roger stranded. It is only after three months of living on seagulls that they realise Roger can float so Stan uses him as a lifeboat. When he gets home he finds Francine with her old flame but it turns out she was only playing a joke on Stan as she found his not so well disguised cameras.

Meanwhile Steve sees a cat he wants to befriend but when crossing the street to get it, the cat gets run over and then attacks Steve who then leaves it to die. The cat keeps coming back and we then get a fight between the two on the same lines as Peter vs The Chicken.

Y2Rating: 5/10

Episode 5.06 – “There’s Always A Woman”
Things are getting spicy on Wisteria Lane as Carlos finds out he can give one of his massage clients an orgasm. The client then keeps tipping Carlos huge sums of money and requesting more and more services. Gabby is unaware until one of Carlos’ colleagues spills the beans and she goes storming over to the clients house. She manages to calm Gabby down with the promise of taking her whole family to Europe and paying her in dresses from Milan and Paris. What is her alterior motive?

Dave wants the band to practice more and snaps a little when Mike refuses, but he won’t take no for an answer. Mrs. McClusky enlists the help of her sister Roberta, she wants Dave to think she is out of the picture so gets Roberta to dig up some information on him.

Susan goes to get Jackson back but finds another woman in his shower! They argue but then agree to start over from the beginning.

Kathryn is thinking of going to Maryland, she is alone and horny so Bree sets her up with a client that Orson brought to the catering company. He told Bree they met in college when really they met in prison. Bree tells Kathryn but its all too late, she has already slept with him. She feels bad but happy that her and Bree’s friendship is so strong (so expect that to be wrecked in the next few episodes).

Tom is seen with an attractive other woman, Lynette is going insane but Tom was just buying a band practice space for him and his friends so Lynette can take out the ear-plugs. Lynette then finds out the same woman has given Tom some furniture for the space including a futon. She storms over there to find Tom playing video games and she lashes out at him for not wanting to spend time with her and worrys he is about to take the next step in the mid-life crisis by cheating on her. Tom convinces her he isn’t but there is an empty condom wrapper on the floor…Lynette misses it but when Tom makes a lame excuse to leave the house Lynette follows him to his bachelor pad where the other woman is seen leaving by the back door. Lynette rushes home and starts packing a bag. Inside, Tom has found Porter with the older lady and he dresses him down.

Pretty good episode, I hear we are in for a real treat over the next two or three episodes so stay tuned for that!

Y2Rating: 8/10

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