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I have restarted football training with the Hornets. I’m enjoying it even if I am totally unfit and feel like I’m going to collapse every time I so much as move faster than walking pace. But it’s enjoyable. I like being around the guys and although I’m not as good as some of the others there I think I’ve got something to offer.

Since moving from Pershore High School astro pitch to the Little Perdiswell pitch I’ve picked up a few knocks. None moreso than this week. My elbow is one big bruise and its been nigh on impossible to rest it properly at work today. The second is my leg, it has been sore, as though the skin is raw, for a couple of weeks but after this session it has decided to swell up. It too is red and bruised. But I soldier on. Here are some snaps for your enjoyment.

leg1My leg – you can see it swelling out, eww.

My elbow from two angles and one with the flash on.


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