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So I said I’d be back with some movie related news and so here I am. Nothing too dramatic has happened this weekend which means this post is not only short on meat and gravy, but just going to generally be short.

I’ll start off with the least interesting thing in my mind. The Alien v Predator films could be all but over. Forgetting the fact that they were terrible in the first place the second ended with news of a weapon and plans to invade one of the homeworld planets of these creatures. If that wasn’t an obvious set up for a third in the franchise then paint me green. Although according to Producer John Davies has said “I think we’ve logically done what we could’ve done with the two AVP movies. But I think there’s something to go back to with Predator…”

This comes after Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that after his political career is over, and providing he doesn’t run for senate, he wouldn’t mind doing a movie or two again. He has also gone on to say “Predator was the first movie I was ever involved with, so it’s always going to have a really soft spot in my heart.” So my theory is, if Arnie is up for it, expect another Predator movie, if he’s not, expect AvP3.

Moving swiftly on, news has broken this morning that after the success of Legally Blonde: The Musical, Broadway is about to get a bit more gritty as American Psycho looks to get musical. This is just a joke, there are plenty of other decent subject matter out there, why oh dear God why, are we so deft of ideas that we have to turn things to musicals. Ridiculous. Don’t expect Christian Bale to reprise his role.

There has been ongoing debate at the EmpireOnline forums about Video Game Movies, can they work, why don’t they and should they make any more? This writer enjoyed Mortal Kombat and the original Resident Evil, they weren’t perfect by any step of the mark but what seems to have most people excited is the prospect of a Bioshock movie that is being directed by Pirates of the Caribbean man Gore Verbinski. I think the problem most people have is that the games, although have a cracking story, are more about the gameplay elements and puzzle solving etc. This will never transfer well to the big screen and so movie companies have to strip the story down to its barebones and often build around it adding things to fill out the plot. Sometimes this isn’t needed but fans of the game won’t enjoy a movie with bits that aren’t faithful to the game. Personally with a games like Bioshock,

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