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What is Terminus?

At the end of the penultimate episode of season four of The Walking Dead, Glenn, Maggie and friends finally reached Terminus, the end of the line – literally. Terminus appears to be an old railway building , perhaps a station that has been transformed into a sanctuary for all. When the survivors arrived, they were greeted with welcome messages, flowers and a woman behind a bar-be-que who introduced herself as Mary.

Billing itself as a sanctuary for all we currently know practically nothing about Terminus. The location doesn’t appear in the graphic novels and the writers offer little clues. But theories are running wild and it is my belief that this might not be as much of a haven as it seems.

One of the plot arcs in the books is when the group run across a bunch of survivors who have turned their appetites to cannibalism. They’re not much of a threat other than devouring on a tainted Dale and dispatched of rather effortlessly. Could Terminus be home to these Hunters? Subtly luring people to their death?

Moreover, we haven’t seen Beth since she was kidnapped. She has not appeared in any of the smaller groups that are all heading to Terminus and the Hunters from the comic used to prey on small groups. Beth and Daryl were a very small group and the weaker of the two was taken. It is my theory that all the survivors will reunite at Terminus, enjoy a slap up feast only for Mary to reveal they’ve actually been feasting on Beth!

“We’re here to talk about Eddie.” – Dr. Scott
“Yes, a rather tender subject. Another slice anyone?” – Frank N Furter

– Rocky Horror Picture Show

The season finale has come around far too quickly with the episodes since the demise of the prison being some of the best produced so far. The latest episode, ‘Us’, was a gentle ride into the finale, the calm before the storm perhaps? The season can’t end on a happy note, can it? With Daryl’s new group searching for Rick, Rick headed to Terminus, there may be a struggle yet to come. Will the Terminus residents stand for violence, will they dish out some of their own?

So many questions, one more episode!

Archived: What Is Terminus? - archived
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