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You’re all aware of my undying love for the band Wheatus. I think they are amazing, the music they produce is out of this world and they’re genuinely great people to know. But for a long time I have had to live with the jeers and upturned noses from people when I say ‘Wheatus’ and they can only refer to them at “that Teenage Dirtbag band”.

Yes there is lots I could say and do to convince them otherwise, however when I have in the past my efforts were fruitless. However today Wheatus announced some amazing news that should put them right back into peoples minds.

We were contacted by Andrew and his producer Jenna Edwards some time ago, and they originally were asking permission to use Love Is A Mutt From Hell in one scene. We were flattered and though the project sounded terrific, so we started working on re-recording the song for them (to avoid involving Columbia Records). We kept in touch throughout the process, and at some point, Brendan sent Andrew a few of our new demos. Turns out he liked them even more, and instead of using Love Is A Mutt for that scene, they instead wound up taking a brand new song called “You And Your Stoopid Guitar.” This was very exciting for us. And then it got even better.

The song they had planned on using for the dramatic closing sequence of the film wound up not working out, and we were asked if we could write a new, original song specifically for the scene. The end result is “Now,” a song that Brendan and I put together by ourselves in a 2-day marathon recording session. We shipped it off, they approved, and now the film opens and closes with two brand new Wheatus songs. Amazing.

That is amazing news. It also goes to prove a point.

At first they wanted ‘Love Is A Mutt From Hell’, a song from their first album, I bet they’d never listened to anything other than the first album and never knew of the records since. But, once they did a little research, got to know Wheatus they were sucked in by the power that is the greatness of their music.

I’m stoked for this films release and the publicity it’ll give the band. If you’re in the USA make sure you go and see it in the cinema/theatre (delete as appropriate). It’s also out on DVD/BluRay in May so pick it up then too!

If you’ve only ever thought of Wheatus as “that Teenage Dirtbag band” shame on you! Get yourself over to iTunes now and listen to some of their other albums, look out for “Pop, Songs & Death Volume 1: The Lightning EP” and get over to for all the latest news!


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