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One way to make yourself feel old is to go to a rock show. The River Rooms in Stourbridge was packed with many a teenager, dressed in black with their unnatural hair colours rain-bowing over their faces. The River Rooms is a fairly small venue that provides seating up the two sides and a nice square main floor in front of the stage. Situated in an industrial park in Stourbridge, don’t listen to your GPS that tells you to keep right when really you need to go left!

The show was Wheatus, on another tour of the UK, fourteen years after the release of their iconic hit Teenage Dirtbag, so of course I had to be there. Having seen at least one show every tour, the tradition continued. But having seen these shows for the past fourteen years, documenting them on YouTube for the past seven, my body can’t keep up. Waking this morning to aches, pains and general grumpiness for not getting my eight hours. Was it worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Opening with Late Cambrian, the show would have a distinctive Brooklyn flavour to it as all the acts hailed from New York. The set was good, pulling an interesting prog-rock track out of nowhere which was a plesant surprise.

Following on came MC Frontalot accompanied by Miss. Eaves. Nerdcore has been represented at Wheatus gigs for a long time now with Front swapping out tours with MC Lars, both masters of their craft.

Then it was time for the headlining act.

With Wheatus, as confirmed by good pal Joey, you never know when the last show, will be the last show.

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