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After watching last nights episode of Lost titled “Whatever Happened, Happened” I have come to a conclusion on how Lost is going to end. But first and foremost let me express something close to my heart.


Sawyer comes asking Jack for help when little Ben is dying on the operating table. If Jack, a SURGEON, doesn’t help then Sawyer tells him that Ben will die. “Then I guess he dies”

Kate tries to get Jack to help but again he refuses, “I already saved Ben Linus once because of you”. This only sets Jack out as a complete and utter prick. Juliet later ostricises Jack for not helping and Jack goes on about coming back to the island to save them…well he didn’t save Ben. He says he doesn’t know the reason why he’s here. Well I do.

Jack’s purpose for coming back to 1977 was to FIX little Ben thus not sending him to Richard thus not having him turn into the nasty chap he did. Thus Jack is a twat.

Richard told Sawyer that if he helped Ben, Ben would lose his innocence, not remember anything about this, which is the reason Ben grows up to be the person he is. One of them.

This then makes me think…

The producers said there was something about the first episode…Jack wakes in the jungle…like he did when he re-arrived in ’77. Perhaps episode 101 was Jack re-starting his time on the island to try and do it right the second time…only he’d been via the temple so “won’t remember anything”?

As much as I can’t stand him in these past two seasons, Jack is the key to it all right? This is my theory. Lost uncovered, exposed and revealed!

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